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Turini FBR017

Shoes Turini
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For those who use their bike to get from A to B and don’t want to stop in between for a wardrobe change, these vintage-inspired sneakers packed with loads of functionality offer an attractive option. Even though they deliver both style and comfort, they also provide plenty of protection with a reinforced toe cap and heel. As a bonus feature they come equipped with a shifter pad to protect against damage while riding.

Sizes 40-46

  • anatomical shaped foot bed
  • The ankle area has been padded and reinforced for comfort, and to support proper foot position.

  • reinforced heel
  • reinforced toe
  • perforated
Outer shell
  • This unique variety of suede has been impregnated with wax to add water repellency, easy care and to give it its vintage appearance. Minor scratches, scuffs and marks can be removed by gently rubbing the fabric, bringing the impregnated wax to the surface.

  • Nubuck is top-grain cattle rawhide leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side (outside) to give a velvet-like surface. Nubuck is similar to suede, but with a finer texture which is more durable.

  • The heel of the boot is reinforced for added safety. The rider won't notice it while wearing as the hard plastic has been heated to mold it into the perfect shape. The reinforced heel cup also contributes to a better posture of the foot.

  • The toe area of the boot has been reinforced with a thermoformed hard plastic toecap. Thermoformed means the plastic has been heated to model the perfect shape. The rider won't feel it this critical feature when wearing the boot, but will benefits from the added safety.