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Ladies FGS081

Gloves Chevron Ladies

The Chevron ladies gloves are made for women who ride all summer long and demand the same high performance from their gear as they do from their bike. Safety is provided by carbon hard-shell knuckles and TPU hard-shell finger knuckles combined with super-strong seams. These well-ventilated gloves help riders stay comfortable and in control without sacrificing protection.

Sizes S-XL

  • adjustment tab
  • elastic
  • short cuff
  • stretch lips
  • race fit
  • ventilation panels
Outer shell
  • Tanned leather made from goatskin is considered extremely durable, and is often used for gloves and other products that require a soft hide.

  • perforated goatskin
  • Providing better breathability then natural leather, this synthetic leather offers enhanced wearer comfort.

  • carbon hard-shell knuckle
  • PWR|yarn is a 100% nylon thread with a unique internal bonding, which imparts excellent durability, high tensile and breaking strength, and ultimate abrasion resistance. Its strength comes from its unique structure, as a 3-wired yarn with an extra 4th wire spun into it. This 4th wire is heated to bond with the other 3 threads, so it will never unravel or split open. Seams with PWR|yarn hold under even the most extreme stress, and are perfect for outer seams on gloves and garments.

  • Self-contouring foam that is not CE-approved, but still offers a great number of impact-resistant properties, this product is used in areas where mobility and fit are a must, such as the hips. Temperfoam® comes in a solid version as well as a perforated version.

  • Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) is a highly durable synthetic material, used in many REV’IT! products for protection and waterproofing.

  • TPU hard-shell little finger protector