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Culture Values
Join a fiercely collected, intelligent atmosphere
We’re engineering an exciting and inclusive culture at REV’IT! to create a space in which people love to work while also helping us find the people we’ll love to work with. Discover our culture through our six core values.

Everything starts with empathy. By expressing a genuine interest and desire to understand others in our day-to-day work, we can be a bigger help and inspiration to our colleagues and partners around us in order to design products more suited to our customers needs.


Keep exploring with a pioneer mindset. It’s how we discover, develop, and design new solutions that will make a world of difference. It’s how we keep taking steps forward both within the organization and with our suppliers, partners, and customers.


Each and every team member is an expert in their field and is a core part of the REV’IT! philosophy. You need to be able to consider every angle, think critically, and apply intelligent, scalable solutions in such a way that we can work with them for years to come. You also need to be able to clearly communicate your thinking and approach to others. When you’re the expert, it’s on you to explain it to others, answer their questions, and if necessary, convince them it’s the smart solution.


Good is never good enough at REV’IT!. We’re always pushing ourselves to understand what we could have done better, to take another step forward. That means that sometimes we don’t stop to celebrate our successes - we immediately look to improve on them. This can be challenging, so you need to have pride in what you’re doing, not just what you’ve done.


At REV’IT!, we love what we do. It’s that love that fuels us to do more and do it better. When you radiate enthusiasm, you come into work ready to inspire and ready to boost everyone around you. As you can imagine, many people at REV’IT! are passionate about motorcycling, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. You could have passion for design or a passion for innovation, a passion for creativity or outdoor sport, or fashion, or engineering, or logistics, or finance, or people. As long as you nurture that passion.


Building meaningful, open, and honest relationships is the key to good business. This is how everyone within the greater REV’IT! family (employees, suppliers, partners, and customers) can work and grow together. Because we’re always open and honest with each other, we can always rely on promises to be fulfilled, help to be offered, and kindness to be reciprocated. This ensures the facilitation of long-term relationships we will continue to benefit from for many years to come.

Behind The Scenes
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