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Stay Cool and Protected Off-Road

Warm Weather Adventure Motorcycle Gear

The DIRT Series Off-Road collection is an extremely lightweight, comfortable, and highly protective lineup of CE-certified, all-conditions products inspired by the utility and functionality of outdoor gear.

Keeping It Cool While Riding Off-Road

When you are riding off-road, your body generates a lot of heat, whether you feel it or not! When the temperatures are high and your body can’t dissipate the heat through your gear - and no cool air is flowing toward your body – it’s very easy to overheat; making it almost impossible for you to ride further. Next to putting a stop to your adventure, overheating can be very dangerous for your health. You need to wear the right gear to keep riding in higher temperatures comfortable, enjoyable, and safe.

That is why the DIRT Series collection includes a lineup of rugged mesh jackets and mesh gloves combined with ventilated pants. Together, with our range of very breathable and well-ventilated (thanks to their open structure) protectors, the DIRT Series range will help keep your body temperature at comfortable levels during rides in warm weather. We want to try and ensure that your off-road adventure doesn’t turn into an uncomfortable experience when the sun is shining high in the sky.

Let us run you through our lineup of CE-certified products we designed specifically to keep your body temperature at the right level while protecting you from impacts and slides on or off the road.

Mesh Jackets And Jerseys

Territory Jacket

The ideal jacket for the rider that loves to go exploring off-road in high temperatures. The CE-certified Territory is fully abrasion resistant thanks to the PWR|Mesh outer shell which enables a constant flow of fresh air to your body; making sure you will keep cool and comfortable on warmer days. CORDURA® ripstop fabric is added to high-risk areas like the arms and shoulders for extra durability and armor. Two front pockets and a big rear pocket will make sure you can bring your essentials along for the ride.

Sierra Jersey

The lightweight Sierra jersey looks very similar to the archetypal MX jersey - but because we’ve used CE-certified fabrics - it is abrasion resistant by construction. Next to offering more abrasion protection in case of a mishap, it is also a lot more durable and robust. It is engineered with the tough PWR|Mesh fabric which provides optimal ventilation to your body. Because the arms and shoulders are the most vulnerable areas, we added PWR|Stretch ripstop in those areas to increase the durability and abrasion resistance. The chest pocket features a wipe to clean your goggle when the ride gets dusty and your vision gets blurred.

Ventilated Pants

Continent Pants

The over-the-boot Continent pants are our versatile CE-Certified and splash proof pants that will help keep you comfortable during off-road exploration in both average and warmer temperatures. The combination of the rugged and abrasion-resistant CORDURA® ripstop fabric with PWR|Shell ripstop stretch makes the pants very strong but very comfortable to wear at the same time. When the temperature starts rising, you can open up the ventilation zippers on the upper legs to enable the air to flow onto your body and cool you down. Two big cargo pockets on the upper legs provide plenty of space so you can keep your valuables close along the way.

Peninsula Pants

Our in-boot Peninsula pants are the go-to option when you prefer to wear your pants inside your boots. These CE-certified pants are fully abrasion resistant thanks to the CORDURA® ripstop fabric combined with PWR|Shell ripstop stretch on the areas where you need more flexibility. When temperatures start rising, you can open up the ventilation zippers on the upper legs to cool you down. Thanks to two big storage pockets on the sides, you can bring all your essentials with you during your next adventure.

Mesh Protectors

The DIRT Series jackets and pants have built-in SEESMART CE-level 1 protection at the elbows, shoulders, and knees. All of which can be easily removed in case you want to upgrade the armor by using our mesh CE-level 2 protector jacket, back protector, and knee protectors. These products are constructed with PWR|Mesh fabrics that allow the cool air to flow directly through the fabric and toward your body. The open structure of these fabrics also make it very easy for heat to escape.

The protector jacket and knee protectors feature our well-ventilated SEEFLEX CE-level 2 armor to keep you safe with the highest level of impact protection. Back (CE-level 2) and chest protection (CE-level 1) is provided by our lightweight and comfortable SEESOFT armor.

Mesh Gloves

Now that your upper and lower body is getting enough airflow, we also need to make sure your hands stay cool and dry on the trails. With our CE-certified Caliber and Massif mesh gloves, plenty of air will flow onto your hands making sure that you can keep the right feel on the controls of your motorcycle. We used the abrasion-resistant PWR|Stretch mesh in these gloves to give your hands the much needed breeze during hotter days. Leather on the inside of the gloves provide ideal grip on the handlebars while keeping your hands safe from slides on any surface. The flexible TPR armor will protect your hands from impact and a comfortable neoprene cuff keeps the dirt and dust out of your away from your hands.

Explore More Off-Road

Whether you’re looking for something for the warmer days on the trails, or you need more protection against the elements, the DIRT Series has what you’re looking for. You don’t need to look too far for the right gear.

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