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Outward bound
Echelon GTXTake to adventure with determination. To brave headwinds, cross climates, and break boundaries. Leave the comfort of certainty and find awe in the unknown.Head out. Outward bound.
ECHELON GTX JACKET & ECHELON GTX PANTSHigh-end, all-season, adventure travel jacket outfit with laminated GORE-TEX.

With rugged yet humble esthetics and all the high-end features you would expect – and then some – the Echelon GTX outfit is a weatherproof adventure travel outfit you can count on.

Jacket available in Anthracite-Black, Brown, and Grey-Black
Pants available in Black-Anthracite

Unrestricted possibilities await with tactical layering

The Echelon GTX outfit features a dedicated and essential hard-shell design, designed with tactical layering in mind, using base and mid layers to adapt to whatever weather you might encounter. 

When temperatures drop, layer up; when temperatures rise, layer down.


Stormy weather crossing your way won’t break your stride. The top-tier, waterproof yet breathable GORE-TEX materials the Echelon GTX outfit is crafted from will make sure of that. With two-layered laminates wherever possible and three-layered laminates where necessary, you’re assured of lightweight, all-day wearing comfort. 

You can count on GORE-TEX’s GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise when the weather takes a turn for the wetter and the high-quality TIZIP® zipper sealing the deal on waterproofing.

FORM, FUNCTION, AND FIT Fitting excitement and encouragement

Though much of the Echelon GTX’s initial appeal is in its clean design and refined ruggedness of the materials, there’s more to the outfit than its careful balance of form and function; it’s time we mentioned fit.

Slipping into the outfit, its adjustments done and the strategically placed stretch and pleats moving to position, you feel the high-end protection elements at hips, shoulders, limbs, and back embracing you comfortably yet snug. To support without weighing you down, providing a fit that excites and encourages – it inspires.

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SMART AND SECURE VENTILATIONStay cool and keep your cool 

Focus is essential when you’re on the go and keeping a cool head starts with keeping the body cool. Cue the Echelon GTX jacket’s large, mesh, ventilation panel zipped separately but securely behind the main TIZIP® zipper, putting you cleverly in control of allowing cooling air to flood on in.

Aided by ventilation zippers at the front of the upper arms and thighs, as well as zipped exhaust vents around back of both jacket and pants, the Echelon GTX outfit actively prevents puffing as it lets fresh air in and channels warm air out. 

Base & mid layers

Take control of on-bike temperature regulation with our technical layering collection, with lightweight and effective base layers and a broad range of mid layer riding jackets – that work just as well and look just as good as a destination jacket.

LAMINA GTX LADIESYours to explore

Don’t mistake Lamina GTX Ladies outfit for female take on the Echelon GTX. Though both walk to the same beat in terms of esthetics and features, but the Lamina GTX Ladies offers an all-new female fit; our most comfortable, yet. Designed by dialogue, made with detail-driven development, and all yours to explore.

Adventure Travel
So many dream destinations to discover, but it all starts with discovering our Adventure Travel collection.

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