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A Heritage collectionPurposeful without poseFrom humble origins, the dutiful archetype designs of classics like denim jeans, worker overshirts, and hard-wearing leather jackets became every-day favorites in contemporary fashion. Now these iconic and initially solely function-forward designs come full circle. Bringing together fashion and function, based on designs known and loved the world over – storied styles re-engineered.
TRAVON JACKETStylishly clean design augmented by modern additions

From keeping brave, pioneering airmen warm to keeping you safe on the streets, the bomber jacket design is one for the ages. The same long-distance comfort as well as the stylishly clean contour of the original archetype are carried over to the Travon, augmented by modern additions like the clever ventilation panel behind the front zip, barely noticeable SEESMART protection, and a modern, comfortable, and durable, stretchy fit. All that, and the Travon is still our lightest leather jacket to date. 

Available in black

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RINO JACKETNot by accident a classic in motorcycling fashion 

The quintessential leather jacket isn’t a classic by accident. Its subtle and basic yet durable appeal has won over the masses time and time again, and the Rino takes this motorcycling fashion staple of yesterday above and beyond today’s standards. With the softest leather possible and an instant quality feel, the Rino honors the original and upgrades the concept by adding a lightweight, removable thermal liner, beautiful, diagonal stitch detailing, and a leather finish that will only get more beautiful with age.

Available in black and brown

LIV LADIES JACKETAs classy as the original, yet safer than ever

Described as lancer fronted or double breasted, but it’s best known as the Perfecto jacket. Relaunched to fame by Brando in the ‘50s, the Ramones in the ‘70s, and Gaultier in the ‘80s, this late-‘20s design – defined by its prominent offset zipper – was a motorcycle jacket first and a fashion icon second. Now reengineered to its original purpose in the modern age, the Liv Ladies breathes functional beauty through its supple and stretchy leather’s every pore. As classy as the original, yet safer than ever.

Available in black

Here’s to the ones that do fret the details – that won’t just leave things to chance.
DALE JACKETA leather classic, reborn in textile

Soft and smooth to the touch, the Dale jacket breathes an unmistakable air of quality and durability. Offset by classic details like the diamond pattern stitched across the shoulder and the rugged zippers, this slim-fitting jacket is a contemporary interpretation of a leather classic, reborn in textile. And not just any textile. The high-tech, abrasion-resistant CORDURA® stretch twill has built in mechanical flex to assure comfort and to make sure the jacket lives up to its sturdy, strong, and long-lasting appeal.

Available in tarmac and black

TRUCKER JACKET & TRUCKER LADIES JACKETObvious origins with more built-in purpose than ever

With a name like Trucker, its origins are obvious. Initially designed for the working man at the turn of the 20th century, the denim ‘trucker’ jacket archetype soon gained cool credentials in contemporary pop-culture fashion. As fashionable then as it is now, the Trucker and Trucker Ladies re-envision the classic; re-engineered with more built-in purpose than ever. Protective and ride-ready with a comfortable, stretchy fit and a modern, waxed-look fabric finish to add even more ruggedness to the look.

Available in black

Meticulous curation of styles and the understanding of details has led to this.

LARIMER OVERSHIRTA new school-take on old-school cool

Going back to basic never felt as welcoming as with the Larimer overshirt. We’ve taken the age-old, function-first overshirt design down to the core, highlighting the beauty in the archetype’s simplicity. Executed in high-end, durable CORDURA® stretch twill with so-called mechanical stretch for comfort that lasts, a checkered print that accentuates its iconic angular cut, and clever details like hidden bottom snap buttons to prevent marring your bike’s fuel tank, the Larimer offers a new school-take on old-school cool. 

Available in tarmac

Tried and tested, fully functional archetype designs meet future-forward tech.
Copperhead GTX shoes

From the field to the streets, the Copperhead GTX turns the iconic, leather field boot design around and marches it straight into the 21st century. Though truthful to the original silhouette, the Copperhead GTX is decked out in highly breathable mesh – backed by 100% waterproof GORE-TEX – and equipped with our latest SEESOFT ankle disc guard, invisibly integrated, and weight-reducing, high-end Vibram soles to aid all-day riding and walking comfort beyond anything the original combat-style boot ever could muster.

WORKER 2 OVERSHIRTUtilitarian lineage by design and name

Of the new Heritage styles, the Worker 2 overshirt has the clearest utilitarian lineage to its name. By design a garment to keep you and your casual attire safe while you went to work – with lots of pockets for the tools of your trade – the Worker 2 would still live up to the original’s design brief. If work meant riding in casual-cool comfort at least. Look just beneath the recognizable silhouette and discover modern interior lining, ripstop, and inconspicuous protection to raise the already high-set bar on functionality.

Available in dark camel and dark blue

Break the glass ceiling between form and function.
Lewis Selvedge Jeans

Just mentioning Selvedge gets you all the attention on the jeans scene. It’s arguably the original, quintessential means of producing denim fabric, finished right off the loom with the unmistakable edge that gives Selvedge its name. Now introducing our own, the Lewis Selvedge jeans don’t just breathe new life into possibly the most coveted style in jeans fashion, but we’ve also been able to produce our first AA-level riding jeans. Topped off with a clever reflective element sewn into the iconic seamed edge.

ESMONT OVERSHIRTBlurring the lines between an overshirt and a jacket

Based off a design rooted in military history, the Esmont overshirt has come along way since. Blurring the lines between an overshirt and a jacket, this design makes the most of both by blending an overall design that’s more overshirt with a novel fabric – brushed CORDURA® twill – that offers a thicker, soft, wool-like fabric that feels lush without becoming weighty. Open the Esmont up and discover its interior is lined with durable, comfortable ripstop material and barely noticeable CE-level 1 SEESMART protection.

Available in grey

REDHILL GLOVESOutspoken, colorful, and contemporary

At first glance the glove design itself looks classic, basic, and simple – carried mostly by its outspoken, colorful and contemporary graphics. The Redhill gloves, however, have more up their proverbial sleeve. Like its variety of soft and supple, high-quality leathers and leather finishes contouring your hands perfectly and how it’s equipped with very comfortable, soft Temperfoam protection, functionally stylish stretch ribs, and ventilation where necessary, and just beautiful, unadulterated leather everywhere else.

Available in black-grey, yellow-orange, red-blue, black-white, white-blue, black-ocher yellow

DENVER H2O JACKETThe four-pocket design we know and love

This Denver H2O jacket is what you get when you transport the legendary four-pocket jacket design of old to the here and now – applying modern performance and innovation to a tried and tested archetype. From ripstop shoulder reinforcements and the ingenious magnetic collar strap to hydratex waterproofing incorporated throughout, up to fully waterproof pockets all round, the Denver H2O lifts a timeless classic up to fully modern standards with all due respect for the four-pocket design we know and love.

Available in dark green and black

The Heritage collection is about archetype designs that have stood the test of time, blending their historic relevance with state-of-the-art technology. Famed and fashionable yet fully functional – purposeful without pose.
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