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Track Day Buying Guide
Attack the track with confidence
Suit up with peace of mind, never having to think twice about being protected at full speed.

Looking to put down your fastest lap times or even get out on the track for the first time? Great! We can help you figure out which one-piece suit will deliver exactly what you want and help give you the confidence and peace of mind while taking your riding skills to the next level. Here are our recommendations:

Hyperspeed 2 One-PieceFor riders looking for a top-spec suit that’s prepared for an airbag

The Hyperspeed 2 one-piece’s DNA hails from MotoGP pedigree. This top-spec one-piece race suit comes with hard parts at the shoulders and elbows, knee sliders, a speed hump, and the ability to add an airbag to it. Track day riders can freely drag their knees, accelerate, and brake with confidence.

Argon 2 One-PieceEntry-level yet specced-out race suit for budget conscious track enthusiasts

We understand that budgets play a role in your one-piece journey. That’s why we created the Argon 2. Included are top race-spec features like a CE AAA classification, BETAC® shoulder, elbow and knee protectors, dual-comp knee sliders, a robust yet flexible leather and textile composition, a speed hump, and much more. Enjoy your need for speed without breaking the bank.

Standout suits

Similar specs and price yet two distinct looks. The appropriately named Apex one-piece is unmistakable with its striking design language along with a neoprene collar. The Quantum 2 one-piece – while also immediately identifiable in its own right – has a leather/neoprene collar and additional stretch panels along the chest area.

Xena 3 Ladies One-Piece SuitA track-ready one-piece for fast female track riders.

Pro or amateur. Fast or getting faster. The female-specific Xena 3 Ladies leather one-piece is for all like-minded women who want to get out on the track and ride their best and never have to think twice about their protective equipment.

Supersonic UndersuitA moisture-managing base layer for racers and/or track day enthusiasts.

A must-have for anyone heading to the track. The Supersonic 3D round-knitted one-piece undersuit (aka base layer) works to pull moisture away from the body and helps you stay cool when you want to perform at your best. 

Thanks to the use of the unique, flexible, and ultra- lightweight DRYARN® fabric, climate control within your race leathers will be second to none. You will stay comfortable, lap after lap, even in the hottest of track conditions.

Trackmaster H2O Rain JacketA lightweight, waterproof over jacket for Race riders.

A smart solution for rainy day track sessions or rides.

Caught in a downpour in your race leathers and want to stay dry? We have a solution for that. Throw on the waterproof Trackmaster H2O over jacket. With a snug fit (no flapping around, thank you) and multiple adjustment points, it sits close to your body and can quickly be put on or removed.

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