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Shirt Thermic

Insulated, long sleeve base layer

The laws of thermodynamics dictate that heat will always move to colder areas. Well, not anymore. With the Thermic LS long sleeve base...
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Key benefits
  • Breathable
  • Direct-to-skin
  • Insulating / Keeps you warm
Shirt Thermic
Key benefits
Product details
Product information
The laws of thermodynamics dictate that heat will always move to colder areas. Well, not anymore. With the Thermic LS long sleeve base layer, we’re fighting physics with physics.

Engineered with hypoallergenic Dryarn® fabric in very specific, strategically placed knitting patterns, our R&D managed to create a long sleeve base layer shirt that actively insulates body heat. Meanwhile perspiration is wicked away, absorbed by the fabric, and allowed to evaporate away from the skin, preventing the moisture from conducting between the cold outside and the heat inside. Even the raised elasticated collar is designed so the base layer comfortably wraps around the neck, preventing rising heat from leaving your core.

Much more than just underwear
By effectively trapping body heat, your body is less strained to keep your body temperature up by burning calories and consuming energy. Energy you could be putting to good use to stay sharp and focused, proving the Thermic LS base layer shirt is much more than just simple underwear.
Fit of this product


Tight fit
The Tight fit is designed to be snug and conform to the rider's body shape. The contouring design ensures that the material and fabrics move with the body, without restricting the range of motion in any situation. This fit is mostly found in base layers and in our race-oriented garments.



3D round knit technology
Seamless 3D round-knit garments provide superior comfort and technical function for a wide range of athletic activities, including motorcycle riding. The 3D name comes from the texture and shape of the roundknit. Made on a circular knitting machine, seamless garments have superior elasticity for optimal shaping to the body. The virtual lack of seams results in optimal comfort, while also imparting important functionality: fewer seams make the garment less vulnerable for seam breaks, drop stitches, etc., and therefore longer lasting. Those seams that are absolutely necessary are made using flatlock technology, to eliminate bulk. The result is the ultimate in comfort and function.

Dryarn® is used in this garment to assist in its moisture-wicking abilities; keeping the skin feeling fresh by quickly drawing sweat or wetness away from the body.

This garment has been designed to wick moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable in ever-changing weather and climate conditions.

round knit construction with elastane

Thermoregulation polypropylene yarn
By using a thermoregulation polypropylene yarn, this garment’s ability to draw moisture away from the body is increased, allowing sweat to dissipate so the rider stays cooler in warmer temperatures.


Outer shell material

Multi yarn polyamide

wash & care


Machine wash 30°C, mild cycle
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not dry clean
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