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Terms & conditions

The Terms and Conditions apply to sales through the official REV'IT! eStore at

These general terms and conditions, valid as of January 2023, are applicable to all sales in the official REV’IT! eStore via - REV'IT! eStore Europe B.V.

Article 1 – Definitions  
1.1. Agreement: an Order that has been accepted by the Seller and that is subject to these general terms and conditions;      
1.2. Customer: the natural person who is of legal age and who does not act within the context of a profession or for purpose of conducting business with whom the Seller concludes an Agreement;   
1.3. Cooling-Off Period: the period of time, thirty (30) Days from delivery of the Order to the Customer, during which the Customer can exercise his Withdrawal Right;
1.4. Day: Calendar Day;
1.5. Order: an Order placed by the Customer in accordance with the process laid out in Article 3.2 for delivery of one or more Products;  
1.6. Price: the purchase price indicated on the Website for a Product, including VAT;    
1.7. Product: a REV’IT! Product that is offered for sale by Seller on the Website;
1.8. Seller:  
REV'IT! eStore Europe B.V.    
Vorstengrafdonk 20, 5342 LT, Oss, Nederland               
Chamber of Commerce number: 62908626 
VAT Identification number: 855008854B01          
1.9. Website: 
1.10. Withdrawal Right: the right of the Customer to withdraw from the Agreement within the Cooling-Off Period;
1.11. Withdrawal Right Form: the Form provided by Seller to Customer, either on paper with the parcel or electronically, which can be used by Customer to exercise the Withdrawal Right.        

Article 2 – Applicability
2.1. These general terms and conditions are made available online by Seller at: and are applicable to all to all offers, Orders, Agreements and/or other legal relationships between Seller and Customer, which in any event includes the purchase and sale of Products through the Website.    

Article 3 – The Agreement     
3.1. The presentation and marketing of the Products on the Website does not constitute a binding offer to conclude an Agreement.        
3.2. The Customer can place an Order via the Website by selecting the Product, size and color of Customer’s choice and by clicking on ‘Add to Bag’. After selecting the Product the Customer wishes to purchase, the Customer can continue in the cart by clicking on ‘Proceed to Checkout’. The Customer then has the option to checkout as a guest, to create an account or by logging into an existing account.

The Customer will be shown an overview of the Products in the shopping cart including specifications (such as color and size), price and delivery window. The Customer is then requested to fill out a shipping address. After the Customer has filled out the shipping address, the Customer can click on ‘Next’ and continue the Order process.

The Customer may select one of the following payment methods:

  • Creditcard
  • Paypal
  • Mobilepay

By clicking on ‘Place Order’, the Customer enters into a legally binding Order. The Customer will explicitly accepts the general terms and conditions by clicking on ‘Place Order’. Prior to clicking on ‘Place Order’, Customer can cancel the Order at any time, change the content of the Order by removing Products and/or adding Products to the shopping cart, change the shipping address and select a different payment method.

3.3. The Agreement enters into force when Seller accepts the Order, either through a declaration of acceptance or by delivering the Product. The Seller confirms receipt of the Order by sending a confirmation email to the Customer as soon as possible upon receipt of the Order. This confirmation e-mail is not intended as a binding acceptance of the Order, unless the email, aside from the confirmation of receipt, includes a declaration of acceptance.
3.4. The Seller maintains the right to reject the Order placed by the Customer or to suspend the Customer’s account in the following instances:  

  • If the information provided by the Customer is incorrect and/or incomplete or if the Seller has reasonable doubt as to whether the information provided by the Customer is correct; or
  • If the amount due for the Order, has not been paid by Customer directly after clicking on ‘Place Order’; or
  • If the Customer has not abided by his payment obligation towards Seller in the past; or
  • If Customer has failed to accept or failed to pick up an Order he placed with Seller in the past; or
  • In the event of a clear mistake or processing mistake in the Prices mentioned on the Website; or
  • In the event the shipping address is not in Denmark, or
  • In the event the shipping address is located in a place where the delivery carrier does not provide services, including but not limited to: Greenland (zip codes 3900 – 3999), Faroe Islands (zip codes 100 – 970); or
  • In the event an activity on the Customer’s account is fraudulent or suspicious.

3.5 The Seller shall inform the Customer as soon as possible if an Order is not accepted. In the event an Order is not accepted, Seller shall immediately refund any amounts paid by Customer for the respective Order to Customer’s original payment method.    
3.6 The Order, Order confirmation, the General Data Protection Regulation and the terms of use of the Website, as well as these General Terms and Conditions together constitute the Agreement between the Seller and the Customer for the use of the Website and all steps in the Order process, from placing an Order to delivery.

Article 4 - Price  
4.1. The Prices mentioned on the Website are in the local currency or in Euro and include Value Added Tax (VAT) and exclude shipping fees. While the Order is being placed or when the Order is confirmed, the Customer will be able to review the total amount due.   
4.2. Seller may change the Prices from time to time, without having an obligation to inform Customer. The Prices that are displayed when the Order is placed, shall be the Prices that are applicable to the Agreement.  

Article 5 – Payment     
5.1. Payment shall take place through one of the on the Website provided payment methods and shall be completed by the Customer when the Order is being placed.    
5.2. The Customer has an obligation to immediately correct any incorrect payment information that is provided by the Customer to the Seller
5.3. If the payment term is exceeded, the Customer shall be in default by operation of law and Seller shall be entitled to charge the statutory interest rate on the outstanding amount as of the due date.

Article 6 - Delivery      
6.1. Seller shall appoint a carrier for delivery. The appointed carrier may have shipping restrictions in place for certain regions. In the event the appointed carrier does not deliver to a Customer’s shipping address, Seller will cancel the Order and reimburse Customer for all payments made by the Customer.      
6.2. After concluding the Agreement, Seller shall ship the Products as soon as possible to Customer at the by Customer provided shipping address, but in any event within fourteen (14) Days, provided Customer has paid the purchase Price in full and unless a different delivery date has been agreed upon.          
6.3 The agreed upon delivery date shall be adhered to as much as possible by Seller. Customer recognizes that delivery dates are based on information that is known by Seller at the time the Agreement is concluded and that delivery may depend on third parties as well as information provided to Seller by third parties.    
6.4 In the event delivery may be delayed, or in the event an Order cannot in whole or in part can be delivered, Customer shall receive notice to that extent within fourteen (14) Days after the Agreement is concluded. The Customer shall have the right to terminate the Agreement, at no cost, until the Order is being shipped.      
6.5 The risk of damage or loss of the Product, shall be transferred to Customer when the Product is delivered to Customer.

Article 7 – Withdrawal Right          
7.1. The Customer shall have the right to exercise his Withdrawal Right without having to inform Seller of the reasons for exercising the Withdrawal Right.        
7.2. The term for exercising the Withdrawal Right is thirty (30) Days from the moment the Customer or a thirty-party appointed by Customer, has received the Order (the “Cooling-Off Period”). In the event Customer has placed an Order for multiple Products and that are delivered in several shipments, the term for exercising the Withdrawal Right is thirty (30) Days from the Day last Product in the Order is being delivered.        
7.3. The Customer does not have a Withdrawal Right if one of the following events occurs:

  • The delivery of Products that are not ready-made and which are manufactured in accordance with certain individual choices or decisions made by the Customer or Products which are tailored to the personal requirements of the Customer, and/or
  • Delivery of sealed Products that cannot be returned due to health or hygiene reasons, in the event the seal has been removed after delivery.

Article 8 – Customer Obligations During the Cooling-Off Period    
8.1. During the Cooling-Off Period, the Customer shall treat the Product and packaging with care. The Customer shall only unpack and use the Product to the extent necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and the functioning of the Product.
8.2. The Customer is only liable for the depreciation in value of the Product that is caused by the Customer’s modes of handling of the Product that exceeds the permitted use as laid out in Article 8.1.

Article 9 – Returns       
9.1. In the event Customer exercises his Withdrawal Right, Customer shall inform Seller within the Cooling-Off Period by using the Withdrawal Right Form.          
9.2. As soon as possible, but in any event within thirty (30) Days from the day of delivery, the Customer shall return the Product to Seller or provide it to an authorized representative of Seller. Seller may in its sole discretion decide not to accept any returns that are shipped and/or delivered to Seller after the Cooling-Off Period.   
9.3. The Product must be returned to the following address:

REV'IT! eStore Europe B.V.    
Vorstengrafdonk 20       
5342 LT, Oss        
The Netherlands  

9.4. The Customer shall return the Product with all delivered accessories, in original condition and packaging, and in accordance with reasonable and clear instructions from Seller.     
9.5. The burden of proof and risk relating to correct and timely exercise of the Withdrawal Right lies with the Customer.     
9.6. Seller shall provide Customers with a prepaid return label. If Customer elects to not use the prepaid return label, Customer bears the cost and risk of returning the Product to Seller.     
9.7. Seller shall reimburse Customer for all payments made by Customer, including any delivery costs charged by Seller for the returned Product, without delay but in any event within fourteen (14) Days following the Day on which the Product was received by Seller.         
9.8. Seller shall use the same payment method to reimburse the Customer as the Customer used when placing the Order. The refund is free of charge for Customer.
9.9. In the event Customer has selected a delivery method, other than standard delivery, Seller shall not reimburse Customer for any additional cost resulting from the more expensive delivery method.

Article 10 – Intellectual Property    
10.1. All brands, Product names, logos, models and designs (“IP Rights”) that are depicted on the Products or otherwise associated with the Products are the property of Seller or one of her affiliates. Customer acknowledges Seller’s IP Rights and shall refrain from using the IP Rights and refrain from any other conduct that could damage or otherwise adversely affect the IP Rights.

Article 11 – Warranty  
11.1. The Seller intends to provide a Product that meets the Agreement with the Customer.
11.2. The Seller is not liable for any indirect, additional or consequential damages of any kind that the Customer may suffer. Any direct damages for which the Seller is liable towards the Customer by law, shall never exceed the purchase Price. This provision is not intended to exclude Seller’s liability in the event of bodily harm or death.

Article 12 – Force Majeure    
12.1 Seller is not liable for any damages that occur as a result of any failure, delay or impossibility to perform his obligations under an Agreement due to circumstances that are beyond its reasonable control and/or that are not attributable to Seller under law, including but not limited to war, threat of war, civil war, riot, government decrees, strike, transportation difficulties, trade restrictions, difficulties with customs authorities, fire, floods, earthquakes, epidemics and pandemics, bankruptcy of third parties engaged by Seller, non-delivery or late delivery of goods by suppliers of Seller, disruptions in the regular supply of goods to be supplied by third parties, including water, electricity and other serious disruptions in the business operation of Seller or third parties engaged by Seller.
12.2 In the event Seller is unable or not able to timely perform his obligations under an Agreement, Seller has the right to perform his obligations under the Agreement within a reasonable period of time or if fulfilment is not possible within a reasonable period of time, to terminate the Agreement in whole or in part without being obliged to pay damages to Customer.

Article 13 – Complaints
13.1. Customer is obligated to inspect the Product upon delivery and to inform Seller within a reasonable time of any visible defects or other complaints relating to the performance or execution of the Agreement. Complaint shall be in writing, complete and sufficiently motivated and shall be communicated to Seller through the contact details available on the Website of Seller.    
13.2. Complaints received by Seller shall be answered within fourteen (14) Days after receipt. If a complaint requires a longer processing time, Seller shall inform Customer within fourteen (14) Days, stating the timeframe within which the Customer can expect an answer.         
13.3. Customer acknowledges that minor and/or commercially acceptable deviations or technically impossible or difficult to avoid deviations in quality, size, color, finish etc. with regard to the Product are not a valid reason to submit a complaint. Such complaints, as well as complaints about articles being discontinued are invalid. Seller is not liable for any damages suffered by Customer as a result of such complaints.      
13.4. Customer shall fully cooperate with any recall by Seller. Customer shall immediately inform Seller if Customer suspects that a Product has any safety defect and is subject to a recall.  

Article 14 – Applicable Law   
14.1. The Agreement shall be governed exclusively by Dutch law, without regard to the conflict of law rules under Dutch international private law. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (the Vienna Convention of 11 April 1980) is explicitly excluded.           
14.2. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be exclusively resolved by the competent court in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

Article 15 – Miscellaneous     
15.1 In the event that any provision of these general terms and conditions is invalid, the remaining provisions in these general terms and conditions shall remain in effect and the invalid provision shall be interpreted or converted into a valid provision that is in line with the invalid provision.          
15.2 The Seller will be entitled to amend these general terms and conditions from time to time. The most recent version of the general terms and conditions will be available on the Website. The Customer must always consult these general terms and conditions before using the Website. If the Customer is unable to consult the general terms and conditions via the Website, the Seller will send the Customer a copy of the most recent version of the General Terms and Conditions by e-mail at Customer’s request.


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