All of our gear is CE certified

Our History

Inspiring to Ride since '95From the perspective of someone who might not be a motorcycle enthusiast, REV'IT! may seem like a company that just makes motorcycle clothing. Although not untrue, there is a lot more to our company than meets the eye. This is where we’ve come from, and where we think we’re going… Shaping a sustainable future for riding.We’ve been crafting motorcycle clothing that strikes a careful balance between function and fashion since 1995. Designed to invoke emotion, engineered to instill confidence, and created to outperform even the most demanding riders’ highest expectations.All these motives are aimed squarely at the horizon – at shaping a sustainable future for riding. The way we face that future follows in the footsteps of what came before. This is that past and these are the stories.

Back-to-back Superbike World Champions

Not just once – but twice now. Battling from lights-out in Phillip Island, to the flag drop at the final round in Jerez de la Frontera, Álvaro Bautista successfully defended his 2022 WorldSBK title. And in dominating fashion, too. Winning 27 of the season’s 36 races – that’s a staggering 75%-win average – Álvaro equaled Superbike legend, Carl Fogarty, with 59 wins to become back-to-back Superbike World Champion.

A rare feat in WSBK history that puts Álvaro in the hot seat to truly become a legend of the sport next season as he goes for a third. Until then, we proudly say: Álvaro Bautista is your 2022 and 2023 Superbike World Champion!


REV’IT! x Zero Motorcycles

Both REV’IT! and Zero Motorcycles share a common passion for forward-thinking and a dedication to pushing boundaries. So, it’s a natural fit that we teamed up with the American electric motorcycle brand. To create the perfect fusion of fashion-forward design, with advanced materials, and state-of-the-art functionality, tailored specifically for the needs of electric motorcycle riders. 

Discover the way forward – discover REV’IT! x Zero Motorcycles.


Our first Moto2 World Championship

He left it to the nail-biting final round in Valencia, but we’re proud to finally say Augusto Fernández is your 2022 Moto2 World Champion. Approaching his title-winning season in a fashion that perfectly reflects his approach to racing, with a paced start, followed by gradually building momentum, to then never looking back and taking the gold at the end.

A rider that shows his mettle under pressure time and time again, Augusto’s gone from strength to strength to finish his intermediate class campaign on the highest of highs before moving on to a well-earnt place among the world’s finest in Grand Prix racing in MotoGP. Congratulations on a job unmistakably well done!


Our first Superbike World Championship

A title contender for the 2022 WorldSBK crown from the moment he announced his return to the Ducati factory team, Álvaro Bautista made up for all the hardship of 2019 when he first raced for the Italian manufacturer – only to lose grip on his debut title chances mid-way through the season. 

With a hard-fought comeback he proved he’s worth his weight in gold. The Spaniard showed season-long dominant form – taking to the rostrum in no less than 31 of the 36 races, including 16 wins – to finally secure his Superbike World Title well-deserved at Indonesian round. Álvaro, we congratulate and salute you!


Vircos becomes part of the REV’IT! family

Trusted partners join forces and merge into one as we acquire Vircos. By welcoming the Italian artisan racing leather manufacturer into the REV’IT! family, we’re gaining key expertise and knowledge to realize our ambition to expand our presence and play an even more profound, leading role in motorsports.

This merger advances both REV’IT! and Vircos, as the experience of our R&D team and the skills of Vircos’ craftsmen and craftswomen come together to further the design and the manufacturing of custom-made, professional road racing suits, as well as opening a path for personalization – a growing trend in the sports market we fully intend to lead the way in.


Our first podium lock-out in Moto2

As the fruits of labor, the British round of the 2022 Moto2 Grand Prix racing season showed the foundation we built to help develop racing talent is very solid indeed. Neither hometown hero Jake Dixon nor fellow compatriots Alonso López and Augusto Fernández got rostrum glory handed to them without a scrap. Our three #revitriders fought tooth and nail for every single millimeter of Silverstone tarmac to come out on top. We could not have been prouder to see all three trophies being lifted by our riders.


REV’IT! x Harley Davidson

For the introduction of the all-new Pan America, Harley Davidson decided to partner up with gear specialist REV’IT! to create a brand-new apparel line-up that would satisfy the needs of the most demanding adventure riders out there. Gear that is built to perform under the most extreme conditions and in the toughest terrain, just like the bike itself.


REV’IT! x Touratech

Being both heavily submerged in the ADV world, it was only a matter of time before we teamed up with accessories giant Touratech, to create an exclusive outfit geared towards unlimited exploration.

Touratech knows its customer base like no other. Couple that with the experience and expertise of REV’IT!’s design team, along with unique technologies, components, and smart solutions that are exclusive to the development partners of REV’IT!, and the result is a total outfit (jacket, pants, and gloves for both men and women) that ticks all boxes.


Moving into new headquarters

In November 2020, we moved into our new HQ, designed to facilitate our future growth ambitions. A new, 85% energy neutral playground that not only offers ample space for the team, but also functions as a center of inspiration for Design, Performance, and Innovation.


Acquiring the GORE-TEX Footwear License

With the recent acquisition of the GORE-TEX license for footwear, we are now able to complement the collection of GORE-TEX equipped garments, gloves, and accessories with equally high-performance waterproofing technology in our boots and shoes collections.


Our first MOTO3 World Championship

To say 2019 was a big year for us would be an understatement. It was also a big year for Moto3 #revitrider, Lorenzo Dalla Porta, who took home the championship win, and the first championship title for REV’IT! in a MotoGP category. His year was filled with some ups and downs - both on and off track - but he remained consistent throughout, playing it safe but also playing it smart. Congratulations for bringing home the gold!


Our first win in MOTOGP

If you’re going to win a race, why not win it on your home soil? Well, that’s exactly what #9 rider, Danilo Petrucci, did with his factory Ducati at the Italian grand prix at Mugello. It was a nail-biting race from the start, and in the final moments, he used the slipstream to his advantage, overtook Marquez, and crossed the line in a history-making finish. We couldn’t be prouder of a rider who has been with us since 2015.


Red Dot “Best Of The Best” Design Award

We are over the moon with our most recent Red Dot “Best of the Best” Design Award. We’re also exceptionally proud of the Expedition H2O boots that received such a prestigious honor. Credits go to senior product designer, Mark van Roon, along with Research & Innovation Manager, Jasper den Dekker, for the implementation of not only new safety technology, but a product that delivers the highest level of both safety and comfort, whether you’re on or off the bike. We previously won for our SEEFLEX™ family of protectors, and the Jerez gloves.



Collaborations are nothing new to us, so when we teamed up with Husqvarna Motorcycles, it was a natural and organic pairing. We worked alongside their team to create a unique lineup of Urban motorcycle clothes and shoes that reflected both our mutual loves of design, innovation, and riding. The collection includes: jackets, jeans, shoes, and gloves based on their eye-catching lineup of motorcycles.


REV’IT! Racing Technology Centre

Having our in-house test laboratory is great but it is difficult to make our riders drop in for feedback sessions whenever we want since they’re traveling the globe, trying to win races! And if they’re not racing, they’re training hard. So instead, we bring the lab to the track. By August 2018, the REV’IT! Racing Technology Centre will be finalized and will be a permanent fixture on the MotoGP paddock. Game on.


The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Over the years, we’ve been very fortunate to be able to grow and expand the reach of REV’IT! And because of this, we want to give back. When it came to supporting great causes, we picked something close to heart. We decided to become a proud supporter of and contributor to the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride organization. As of 2018, the DGR supports a single charity, the Movember Foundation.


The REVMONKEE project

To emphasize the base principles of our Tailored Technology collection - stylish on the outside, yet high-tech on the inside - we teamed up with Danish builders, Wrenchmonkees, to create a one-off custom motorcycle never seen before: the REVmonkee. Inspired by style elements from the 1980s today, together we transformed a 210bhp Kawasaki H2 into a timeless piece: stylish on the outside yet high-tech on the inside: Tailored Technology on two wheels.


REV’IT! Test lab

All our items come with a promise: to protect you from harm in case of an unfortunate mishap regardless of what you’re riding. To ensure we will always live up to this promise - or even exceed it - we invested heavily in a new, state-of-the-art test laboratory in 2016. The latest equipment including the revolutionary Darmstadt machine allows us to develop materials, armor and ways of constructing that keep pushing the boundaries for future collections. Thanks to the REV’IT! Test Lab, we will make sure you always ride protected while looking great, and the outcome of the tests ensure you don’t just have to take our word for it.


The REV’IT! #95 project

Pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible is what we do. To align our boundary-pushing ways with a motorcycle, we created the REV’IT! #95; a two-wheel drive adventure bike based on the already iconic KTM 950 Super Enduro. Sporting a true love-it-or-hate-it style, the REV’IT! #95 offers endless traction and a massive range - thanks to its enviable fuel tank - making sure you will always reach your destination, regardless of where your dot on the horizon is.


Our first World Championship

To develop track-worthy products, you have to be involved and compete at the highest level. In 2015, we had our most competitive year since we started participating the world-class racing scene with our entry to MotoGP in 2008. Also in 2015, REV'IT! rider, Kenan Sofuoğlu, was crowned a world champion. This made him the first ever REV'IT! World Champion, and the most successful rider of his class to-date.


Our second RED DOT Award, ‘Best Of The Best’

You can imagine our joy after winning one of the most coveted awards in the world of design and product development for the second time. Yes, second. What makes it even more special is that we won the award for our SEEFLEX™ family of protectors. These products comply with the highest CE-level 2 protection standard, and they remain unseen once installed inside our garments. It further exemplifies how much attention goes into the design of everything we do. 



In 2014, REV'IT! teamed up with Yamaha, kicking off with producing a part of their protective apparel collection for the US market. Our mutual ambition to create high-quality, well-designed products that fit the demands of riders in any market has been the starting point for this early, yet already productive relationship. Yamaha by REV'IT! products are available through Yamaha USA’s dealer network.



For many years, leather was the material of choice when it came to buying gear with the best abrasion resistance. But that changed in 2013 when we shocked the industry with what we could do with textiles… The combination of Cordura® denim and our in-house developed PWR|shield surpassed leather's abrasion resistance and it was a breakthrough. PWR|shield contributes to the philosophy behind our Tailored Technology products, which are meant to make you look fashionable yet protect you at the same time.



Although Ducati was founded almost seventy years before our brand, we do share a mutual passion for design, style and performance. These common elements led to a collaboration between the two brands, starting off with the Ducati Strada Collection by REV'IT! in 2012. This collection clearly parallels the same high performance and aesthetic values of Ducati and REV'IT! Since then, new Ducati by REV'IT! products are launched yearly. This entire collection is available throughout Ducati's worldwide dealer network.



With an endless list of innovations, we tried not to put any of them in our company timeline in order to keep things compact. We failed, as one of our innovations deserved a spot on our timeline by ending a problem that has annoyed motorcyclists in changing weather conditions for decades. The VCS|AquaDefense (EU patent EP 2574249, US patent US 20130081192A1) is the first system to successfully make it possible to change any garment from fully ventilated into 100% waterproof in seconds – while riding!


Welcome aboard: TRYONIC

One of the key elements of motorcycle gear is limb protection. This is why in 2011 REV'IT! acquired TRYONIC, an Italian brand specialized in top-quality protection products; products rated amongst the best in the global market. Since then, it has enabled us to further expand our vision to create high-performance motorcycle gear, backed by a long history of protection-specific experience and complementary products.


The RED DOT design award

The German RED DOT award is one of the most sought-after awards in the world of design and product development. It is an acknowledgement of dedication towards design, regardless of the product you develop. Needless to say, we were filled with pride when our 3D-engineered Jerez racing glove won the award in 2010. What adds to the pride is the fact that the Jerez had been put to the test under some of the most demanding circumstances in high-speed, high-impact MotoGP crashes. It is a true testament that form can meet function on extreme levels if you put your mind to it.


The GORE-TEX Blessing

At REV’IT!, good isn’t good enough. We continue pushing the envelope and people notice. That’s why when GORE-TEX® invited us to talk about the idea of licensing their technology, we came up with a plan to make it happen. In February of 2009, we signed the official license agreements for garments and gloves. Combining GORE-TEX® technology with our Engineered skin® design method has vastly improved the performance and safety of our products and has set new standards in the industry for style and functionality.


Stepping up to MOTOGP

In order to understand what a true racing suit is made of, you need to go racing. We started producing leather suits in 1997, but we knew that if we really wanted to make our mark, we needed to step up to MotoGP. That day came in 2008, at the verge of launching our strong Spring-Summer collection. Our goal back then was no different than our goal today; to support top-tier riders and make a promise to all sport riders worldwide that our products are up to their high expectations.


A shield to serve as a crown

Originally, REV'IT! could be recognized by its initial logo; an abstract impression of a motorcyclist seen from above. But in 2006, things shifted. REV'IT! became recognized by the intrinsic values of its products and defining characteristics, such as innovation, beautiful design and an emphasis on performance. To embody these three elements into something truly recognizable - a logo - we introduced the Shield on September 1, 2006.


Crossing The Pond

The United States market; a crucible of sorts where only the strongest products survive. With this knowledge, REV'IT! introduced their first products in the US, and with great success. It has underlined the vision of developing products with our strong core values in mind. Serious motorcycle enthusiasts immediately valued our clarity of purpose in our products, and the integrity of our customer contact. As a result, REV'IT! Sport USA LLC in New York City was founded in 2006 to uniquely serve the US and Canadian markets.


A new millennium, a new era

The start of a new millennium marked a new era for REV'IT!. After being owned by an import and distribution company for the first 5 years of its existence, a newly founded entity named REV'IT! Sport International B.V. acquired the brand and all resources were dedicated to design, development and promotion of REV'IT! products.

Engineered Skin

In June 2000, REV'IT! introduced the Engineered Skin® design concept; a groundbreaking new method for 3D product engineering. It enabled us to relocate stitching to lower-risk impact areas to fortify garments. The result was a significantly higher level of protection on garments with a truly unique look and feel to them; revolutionizing the motorcycle clothing industry.


How it all started

It was in 1995 when Ivan Vos decided it was time to create his own brand of motorcycle clothing. At that time, he was managing a company importing motorcycle gear in The Netherlands, and he saw that there were only two types of motorcycle gear available on the market: low priced items that were awfully designed and engineered, and well-designed products that only came at top-of-the-market prices. He started to develop his first collection with a thought that still resounds today; making protective motorcycle gear in which you look good on and off the bike.