All of our gear is CE certified
Behind the brand
The guiding forces behind REV’IT!
We have a system of values that flows through the veins of this company, keeping us honest and in passionate pursuit of what matters. After a few decades, many brands can lose sight of what matters, of what used to make them special. But REV’IT! has remained focused.
missionInspire to ride

It’s our mission to remove barriers, to help you feel confident and excited to get on your motorcycle and ride. This is woven into everything we do. We strive to inspire to ride through not just our products, but also through our services and experiences. You’ll see this mission reflected in every stitch of our clothing; a pure and purposeful combination of the lengths our technicians go to and the detail our designers put in. You’ll see this mission reflected in the way we present our products and our passion; in every video, every photograph, and every word we put out there – delicately crafted to stir the imagination. You’ll see this mission reflected in the carefully constructed services and experiences we offer such as: supporting ride outs, track days, events, and offering information about great European tour rides. And you’ll see this mission reflected in our people, who act with wholehearted devotion to push themselves, and the entire motorcycling industry, further.

Brand valuesThree unwavering principles

Engineering motorcycle clothing that you can feel safe, confident, and stylish in always starts with the foundational pillars of Design, Performance, and Innovation. These are the guiding forces that have shaped REV’IT! since the brand was born.


A beautiful, pure aesthetic is a must. But that’s not what we mean by Design. Design is more considered, more essential. What is less than perfect for you when you’re out on your motorcycle? What is your biggest concern? When or where are you not as comfortable as you could be? We talk to riders every day to learn what you want from your gear. Because design is about identifying the challenges we face and then engineering solutions to those challenges.

Design helps us approach everything we do with this problem-solution mentality, but more importantly, it helps us create products that you’ll love.


The REV’IT! brand is our promise to you. Whenever you see our name or our logo, we want you to be able to trust that the products will perform exactly as you need them to. Living up to that promise is our number one priority. Every millimeter of every garment is crucial. The materials must hold up under extreme conditions. The construction must be tested and tested and tested. Not a single piece can let down the performance promised to you by the REV’IT! brand.

Performance is about listening and improving. And it’s about spending our time pushing quality, checking every detail, and testing things one more time. All so you can be confident in your gear.


We can’t be content to create the same products every year with only aesthetic changes. We must look for constant technical improvements. We must look for ways to make our industry more sustainable. We must look for opportunities for our gear to do more for you. It’s not common for a motorcycle clothing company to have their own in-house test lab, but we believe it’s a necessity. We’ve created this space, and an entire organizational culture, to drive innovation and discover incredible solutions to everyday challenges.

Innovation is how we go from good to better, at the product level, the company level, and as individuals. It’s how we pioneer progress in our industry and beyond. And it’s how you can rest assured that your gear does everything it needs to, and more.

“Performance is about living up to your expectations of us, keeping promises, and exceeding them if possible.”~ Ivan Vos, Managing Director
VisionShaping a sustainable future for riding

We need to step ahead of the present. We can’t just wait for the future to happen to us. We must actively shape it ourselves.

Sustainability has become a catalyst for innovation and decision making at REV’IT!. We might be the first motorcycle apparel brand to focus so heavily on sustainability. But we won’t be the last. It’s helping us create longer-lasting value for you, for our environment, and for our business. And we see a future in which its value grows exponentially.

This vision guides us every day. We must assume and exercise responsibility in relation to the environment, safety, and society – caring for our environmental footprint, preserving our planet and its resources. This is not just at the core of product innovation, but also when it comes to the well-being of employees, suppliers, and customers.

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