Product Development Manager

Product Development Manager

As the Product Development Manager you are responsible for the technical development of our products and collections. An amazing challenge for someone who is looking for vision, leadership and vigor.
Product Development


What can you expect from us?

We’re doing amazing things at REV’IT!. On the one hand, we make products that offer you maximum protection. On the other hand, we think you should look as fantastic as possible in our clothing. This means that our products are state of the art, in terms of both technology and fashion. Not for nothing, we’re seen as a benchmark for good product design worldwide.

The Product Development department is responsible for the technical development of our products and collections. In doing so, our Product Developers work closely with Product Designers, who take care of the designs. Together, they ensure that all products meet the highest quality requirements, whilst balancing quality, fit, and price, all within ironclad collections.

As Product Development Manager, you’ll be responsible for this department, which holds a key position at the heart of our organisation. You’ll be in charge of operational management for your Product Development team, as well as getting involved in strategy. After all, all development at REV’IT! is based on a rock-solid vision. It’s up to you to translate that vision into products and collections that can conquer the world. We want to take things to the next level!

This is a great challenge for Product Development professionals with vision, great people-oriented leadership skills, and considerable drive.



We look forward to receiving your application and ask you to send your resume and motivation to or use the application form.



Do you have a question about this vacancy? You can ask our HR Manager, Ruud van Berlo through or call  +31 (0) 412 696 730 or +31 (0) 6 30602512


What does this mean in practice?

A key aspect of this role is that it involves taking the entire department to the next level. In general terms, your work will be as follows: 
  • You’ll have ultimate responsibility for the Product Development department, the activities that take place there, and the people who work there.
  • You’ll be responsible for the technical product development of new products, components, and collections. In doing so, you’ll work closely with the Creative Director.
  • You’ll develop a strong vision on Product Development, based closely on the REV’IT! philosophy.
  • You’re able to communicate your vision and lift the entire team to an (even) higher level.
  • You’ll keep a close eye on the progress of the development process.
  • You’ll monitor product and collection quality.
  • You’ll solve complex technical issues faced by suppliers in the production processes for products and collections. 
  • You’ll always be on the lookout for new techniques and technologies available on the market and seek out new producers.
  • You’ll maintain relationships with producers in Europe and Asia, as well fine-tuning them with performance assessments and negotiations about prices and delivery conditions.
  • You’ll immerse yourself in the latest trends in techniques and materials.
  • You’ll share your knowledge and insights with the rest of the organisation.
  • You’ll report to the Product Development & Supply Chain Director and the Creative Director.

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Are you our ideal candidate?

This role requires a combination of knowledge and experience with regard to technical product development and people-oriented leadership. We expect the following from you: 
  • You have a relevant university-level diploma or equivalent work experience and capabilities
  • At least 10 years’ experience with Product Development for technical products (preferably in the clothing industry)
  • You’re willing to immerse yourself in the REV’IT! DNA to formulate a vision and approach
  • You know how to take an entire department to the next level.
  • You’re an inspirational leader and can hold your own in communication, both in Dutch and English.

  • You’re analytical and goal-oriented: you’ve got your eyes on the horizon, yet no detail escapes you.

  • You’re a rock-solid negotiator.

  • You get a kick out of excellent and innovative techniques and materials.

  • You know your way around production processes, quality standards, and preferably CE regulations.

  • You have more than just an interest in fashion, motorcycle clothing or sportswear. (It’s a bonus if you drive motorcycles yourself, but not much more than that).

  • You have no objection to travelling regularly.

But above all... you’re incredibly passionate about your profession and you show it!

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