Take the long way home thanks to our adventure collection of motorcycle clothing.

Our competent lineup of gear - for both women and men - has been purpose-built for the world traveler and the adventure motorcylists in mind. They’re also versatile and stylish enough to be worn around the city or for shorter jaunts.

In the creation of our collection, we approached long-haul riders - think circumnavigating the globe, or individuals spending months or even years atop their motorcycle - to ask for their input to make our clothing even better. We asked what really worked for them, what didn’t and how we can improve. With the expertise of our product developers and designers, along with the riders’ input, we are able to bring forth jackets and trousers that inspire you to keep going.

Depending on what kind of environment you ride in, we have a jacket and trousers set for you. In warmer climates, we offer jackets with serious ventilation panels, allowing airflow through the jacket to keep your body cool. For the cold, we offer jackets and trousers with detachable thermal liners, that keep you toasty warm when the temperatures drop.

When you find yourself on your next adventure, we want to be right there with you. We want to help you fight the cold, the heat, the rain and anything Mother Nature or the road throws your way. REV’IT!’s adventure gear is designed to keep going as long as you can keep going. Whether you’re riding in the heat of the summer or the bitter cold of the winter.