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Sometimes, you just have to start from scratch to come up with the right solutions. So we did. Discover our adventure footwear collection.

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When we set out to recreate the standard in adventure motorcycle boots, we listened to what our most demanding riders have been asking us for years; give us footwear that is as functional on as off the bike. Boots that are easy-to-use, ones that give us top-notch protection and waterproofing and ones we can comfortably walk around in.

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It was a tall order, but our designers rose to the challenge. They ignored what existing motorcycle boot styles dictated, and instead, set out to find the best partners, components and designs to deliver on our promise to riders: to continually push the boundaries of what seems possible.

The result? Boots that have not only re-defined what adventure motorcycle footwear should look like, but more importantly, redefined how they function both on and off the bike. We partnered with pioneers from the outdoor industry, like Vibram® and Boa®, to bring the best components together in our boots, and to come up with footwear solutions you didn’t even know could exist.

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Vibram® Apex Sole


As the saying goes, a building is only as strong as its foundation—and likewise, a boot is only as strong as its sole.

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When we began brainstorming about these new adventure boots, we looked to what the most successful outdoor companies were relying on for extreme grip, durability and comfort, and all roads fast led to Vibram®, the world-renowned manufacturer of soles. The Vibram® Apex sole is CE compliant, meeting the requirements set forth for protective motorcycle footwear.

And like other Vibram® soles, it is made with Mont compound - a firm rubber tested on the world’s highest peaks for maximum support and durability. In one sole, we combined everything a rider needs while stopped at a light, standing on the pegs, tearing through dirt backroads, or taking a day hike. Total game changer.



So, what sets the Vibram® Apex sole apart? We redesigned its structure to meet the distinct needs of motorcyclists. This includes: a self-cleaning, open lug pattern that results in traction and safety, an asymmetrical heel line that optimizes the boot position on the crank and an added multi-density EVA layer that reduces overall weight and absorbs shock.

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But we know that motorcycle soles need to function in a unique, specific way and this is where we consider ourselves experts. The conclusion was to marry the expertise of the two companies, and so REV’IT! designers worked side-by-side with Vibram® to create the first fully co-branded Vibram® sole in the motorcycle market: The Vibram® Apex sole.

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To ensure the lightest, driest motorcycle boots possible, we use hydratex®|Sphere in their construction; a patented lamination to achieve a fully waterproof barrier on the exterior of the boot. Thus, avoiding the need for fussy seam seals and creating a surface that water cannot penetrate.

It means that the boots dry faster, the wearer is never carrying around excess “soak” weight and the temperature of the foot is more stable (from the elimination of a wet liner drawing heat away from the foot). This was an important component for us to get right, because dry and comfortable feet mean a less distracted, more focused rider.

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Boa® Closure System

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For an innovative closure system, we wanted something that was secure, convenient and that closed the boot in a way that supported the foot and ankle. Therefore, we turned to Boa®, an Austrian company renowned for its closures in the snow sports industry.

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The Boa® “dial” closures utilize aircraft-grade stainless steel enclosed in nylon, which is then paired with low-friction lace guides; the dial is turned to tighten the laces uniformly around the foot and ankle, then snapped into place once the desired tightness is achieved.

To release the tension, the rider simply pops the dial open. It allows for excellent precision, adaptability and control in a product that’s guaranteed to stand the tests of time.

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We used all of these components to set a new standard in adventure boots. Our collection includes a wide range of models that are suitable for riding in all kinds of environments. It doesn’t matter if you like off-roading, or you just partake in day trips on your local twisties, or commute to work on a daily basis, we have the boots that will fit your riding style.


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Stability, safety and comfort combined in a good-looking package. The Discovery H2O boot offers the features and user-friendliness of a tour boot and the comfort of a trekking boot. A favorite of many riders globally.

Whatever the weather, this boot will keep you comfortable and protected on and off the bike. They are 100% waterproof thanks to the laminated hydratex®|Sphere construction, and the reinforced areas offer high levels of protection. The Vibram® Apex sole provides optimal comfort, stability and control on the bike and when walking around. Getting the perfect fit is guaranteed thanks to the clever Boa® closure system.


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For those who crave the features and performance of the Discovery H2O in a style that’s made more for the everyday, we created the Pioneer H2O.

Designed as a hybrid between a hiking boot and a motorcycling boot, the Pioneer packs all the high-caliber technical components of the Discovery into a smaller, ankle-height package that can be worn just as easily with jeans as with adventure riding pants. It’s a product that emphasizes our commitment to delivering solutions riders can take with them off the bike.



Our boots collection also includes a big selection of touring boots that will take you to any destination in any weather. Just like our top-level adventure boots, the Gravel H2O uses the same hydratex®|Sphere laminate to make them fully waterproof. The Compass H2O, Trail H2O and Scout H2O boots feature a construction with a hydratex®|Z-liner that provides a high level of all-weather protection. All of these touring boots feature the durable Vibram® Elevation sole.

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