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Like many modern motorcycles,
the human body is a liquid-cooled
machine; one that uses blood and
sweat instead of oil and coolant.
But a machine nonetheless.

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When this organic machine is exposed to the brutal heat of some of the world’s harshest and hottest environments, the human engine needs to maximize its cooling systems just like a combustion motor does. Enter the REV’IT! Liquid Cooling Vest.

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Refilling the coolvest


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the system

The human body has evolved into an amazing set of organic systems. One of these systems is producing perspiration to cool itself. REV’IT! designers have figured out how to enhance the human machine with the latest in garment technology, amplifying the motorcycle adventurer to superhero proportions. With us, a rider can traverse remote arid valleys and punishing desert environments with confidence, knowing REV’IT! has their back.


Cooling vest Liquid

As your body temperature rises, fatigue begins to set in, which ultimately affects your control. The Liquid cooling vest helps by utilizing Hyperkewl™ technology, which works by absorbing and storing water, and then releasing it over time through the naturally cooling evaporative process.

This vest helps riders stay cool and in control. For best results pair with a highly ventilated jacket. The vest stays active for approximately 6 hours after activated and had an easy side entrance zipper for getting on and off.

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When the temperature of the body and surrounding air rise high enough, glands in the skin produce sweat. As the liquid collects heat, it begins to evaporate, taking some heat with it, subsequently cooling the body. REV’IT! utilizes HyperKewl™ Polymer Embedded super absorption fabrics to take this cooling process to the next level. This is done by absorbing and holding much more water than human skin can perspire alone, and over a much longer period of time. This combined with our philosophy of functional design allows these features to work seamlessly with nearly our entire riding collection.



excel in heat

Whether it’s slogging through congested city traffic in air thick with hot exhaust fumes, or traversing the wide expanse of a desert wasteland, the motorcycle adventurer needs to stay strong and focused. Avoid dehydration by retaining your body’s natural moisture with the independent versatility of the Liquid Cooling Vest. Let REV’IT! cooling technology do the hard work of evaporative cooling for you and stay more focused, stay cooler and ride longer when it really counts.

Excel in Heat

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hyperkewl instructions


Charging the cooling products is as simple as soaking it in water for a few minutes.

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Next, gently wring it out and wipe it down.

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6-10 hours
of cooling

The cooling process takes place over the course of six to 10 hours. When it stops working, simply recharge the garment with fresh water.

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Up to 12˚C cooler

When wearing the cooling product you will experience temperatures that are 6 to 12 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature.