Urban Gear

Break the
winter! The all new FW16 collection

With the urban ready items from our brand new Fall/Winter collection we took away all your excuses not to ride in the upcoming colder seasons. Stay safe, stay dry, and stay comfortably warm when you are moving around on two wheels while enhancing your style when you continue your journey on foot.

Tailored Technology

The items from our Fall/Winter 2016 collection are designed according to our renowned Tailored Technology philosophy, which reflects our years of experience and deep rooted technical knowledge combined with our abiding love for fashion and design.

114_Content-400x600_FW16-Watson 114_Content-400x600_FW16-Metropolitan 114_Content-400x600_FW16-Metropolitan-ladies-01

watson jacket

Metropolitan jacket

114_Content-400x600_FW16-Williamsburg 114_Content-400x600_FW16-Fulton-blue 114_Content-400x600_FW16-Millburn

williamsburg jacket

fulton jacket

millburn jacket

114_Content-400x600_FW16-Newton-men-01 114_Content-400x600_FW16-Newton-blue 114_Content-400x600_FW16-Woodbury

newton jacket

woodbury jacket



To ensure that fashionable silhouette you look for in your snug winter coat or best fitting jeans, all items in our Fall/Winter collection are equipped with our highly praised SEESMART™ CE-level 1 protectors. Made of the same material as our award winning SEEFLEX™ protectors, SEESMART™ protectors are hardly noticeable due to their extremely thin and flexible structure.

114_Content-600x600_FW16-SEESMART-technical-01 114_Content-600x600_FW16-SEESMART-image


Riding comfortably in winter first requires keeping the cold at bay. Snug, removable thermal liners and knitted cuffs and collars keep you warm while various adjustment options allow you to keep cold wind away from entering your jacket. Combined with waterproof outer shell materials, our brand new Fall/Winter jackets just took away your last excuse not to ride this season.



One thing we understand very well is that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style while moving on two wheels this winter. Whether you want to be on top of the trends or you are seeking a timeless look: our Tailored Technology collection has your next favorite jacket to keep you safe and warm while looking amazing.


The perfect Parka's: REV'IT! Metropolitan Ladies' & Williamsburg jackets

Invented by the Caribou Inuit, the parka has long served as a perfect way to ward off the elements. By taking this base principle and applying our Tailored Technology philosophy to it, we lifted the iconic style of a parka from the sidewalk to the roads with only the trained eye recognizing its duty as a motorcycle jacket.



Inspired by the trench coat: REV'IT! Watson jacket

The style of the trench coat dates back to the 1900s, where it earned its name during the First World War when it was used by soldiers to stay warm and dry in the trenches. Today, the trench coat is used in more peaceful pursuits and has become the overcoat of choice for fashion conscious urbanites. The Watson jacket is designed to answer the demand of this group when they want to bring the style of a trench coat to the roads knowing they are sufficiently protected.


Shoes with safety and style

In evolving our extensive urban shoe collection we are proud to introduce three new styles that all incorporate the hidden safety features that set these shoes apart from their everyday counterparts. Whether it's a casual sneaker or a sturdy boot you are after, our urban shoe collection has you covered. Click here to browse the entire collection.


114_Content-400x600_FW16-Overview-Emerald 114_Content-400x600_FW16-Overview-Marshall 114_Content-400x600_FW16-Overview-Grand

emerald ladies shoes

marshall wr shoes

grand shoes

REV'IT! Woodbury & Millburn jackets

The short waterproof Woodbury and Millburn jackets demonstrate that covering basic needs doesn’t mean a jacket needs to look basic. These jackets have been created to offer the essential safety and functionality features with the right dose of style.


these are not your average jeans: the REV'IT! motorcycle jeans collection

When motorcycle jeans first hit the market, the fact that you could even buy them was reason enough for many to run out and get themselves a pair. Today things have changed, and we are proud to say we are the forerunners to produce jeans that offer the highest level of protection and comfort while aligning to the latest trends in denim fashion for both men and women. Check the latest additions and our entire jeans collection by clicking here.


114_Content-400x600_FW16-Overview-Lombard2 114_Content-400x600_FW16-Overview-Philly2 114_Content-400x600_FW16-Overview-MadisonLadies2 114_Content-400x600_FW16-Overview-Vendome2

Lombard 2 RF Jeans

Philly 2 LF Jeans

Madison Ladies 2 RF Jeans

Vendome 2 RF Jeans

Vintage vibes in wintertime: the REV'IT! Newton Jacket

The essence of the early days of motorcycling breathes in the vintage inspired Newton jacket. The classic style exposes hints of a traditional shooting jacket albeit with a contemporary touch. Embrace the timeless look knowing you are riding with superior protection against the roads and the elements.