It was our first time attending the Adventure Bike Rider Festival, and it was also the first time the event was organized at the beautiful Ragley Hall Estate in Warwickshire, U.K. It proved to be the perfect location for a fun-filled, three-day adventure motorcycle festival.
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REV’IT!’s Senior Brand Relations Manager in the adventure scene; living the dream after turning his passion for motorcycles into a career promoting the REV’IT! Adventure collection all over Europe. See you out on the trails!

Roderik van der Heijden
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Over 2,000 avid adventure riders from all over Great Britain - and even Europe - made the trip to the green hills of Ragley Hall. The sold-out event attracted all kinds of adventure enthusiasts, some riding on big, heavy adventure bikes and some arriving on fully kitted-out rally racing bikes (even coming from across the pond). Others decided to bring their camper or car with a trailer complete with a lightweight dualsport or enduro on the back.

The grounds of the event quickly filled up with tents and campers on Friday morning and the event slowly started to come alive. The weather was dry and sunny and everybody was looking forward to a fun-filled three days next to the lake of Ragley Hall. 

The festival village was filled with semi-trucks from all the renowned motorcycle brands. Trucks that traveled from all over Europe to bring their test fleets of brand-new demo models for the visitors to test and ride. The demo bikes proved to be so successful that they were fully booked each day. Soon, everybody learned to sign-up first thing in the morning otherwise they’d miss the so-called boat (or bike, in this case!) for a nice test ride.

Next to the trucks was a long row of stands from all kinds of motorcycle related brands and organizations. As an official partner of the Adventure Bike Rider Festival, we also sponsored the REV’IT! Music stage, which entertained the visitors with live music every evening.

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We brought our latest and greatest products to showcase and our new info boards to educate the visitors about our SEE™ protection family (SEESMART™, SEEFLEX™, and SEESOFT™) and the layering system we use in our GORE-TEX adventure collection. We were very happy with the huge interest in our adventure collection from the visitors of the festival. With the support of our U.K. sales agents, Paul and Max Dobb, we managed to speak to all the visitors coming to our stand and were able to answer all the questions about our adventure collection and our innovative new products.

Our REV’IT! chill out zone next to our event stand proved to be a huge success with a constant flow of people lounging and relaxing on our beach chairs and hammocks while enjoying the view over the lake.

On Friday, we also had the support from our rally racing Ambassador, Aled Morgan and his awesome dog, Sprocket - who shared his real-life experiences with our outfits, gloves, and boots to the visitors of the stand. We also gave away a few prizes during the event. Dan was the winner of the boot-throwing contest and went home with a pair of Discovery boots while Steve was the winner of our e-mail newsletter subscription contest and got a brand new Offtrack outfit delivered to his front door.


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With the continuous flow of visitors coming to the stand, it was impossible to stray too far from it but, to be honest, I really wanted to do a test ride on one of the shiny new adventure bikes that were standing only a hundred meters from our stand. The ABR Festival organization plotted an off-road track on the grassy green hills and gravel tracks of the estate where visitors could let loose a brand new demo motorcycle or grab their own bike to ride on the tracks.

I also wanted to check out one of the many presentations by famous motorcycle travelers (including our new Ambassadors Simon & Lisa Thomas) in the beautiful Ragley Hall building. But I just didn’t have any time for it. Maybe next year! The presentations were so popular that they decided to organize extra time slots during the rest of the festival weekend.

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At the end of the weekend, we looked back on a fantastic event with a great atmosphere. There was a lot to see and do and the organization of it all was spot-on. The location was so beautiful we almost didn’t want to leave. I think the many happy visitors will agree with us when we say we are already looking forward to going back next year! 

We are sure the event will grow into one of the biggest and most popular Adventure Motorcycle events in Europe in the next few years. We want to thank everybody for visiting us at our stand and taking the time to ask questions and share your thoughts about our products. Hope to see you there again next year!


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