When on route across the globe our ambassadors and team REV’IT! members meet the most inspiring people, visit surreal places and often participate in great events. On our journeys we get to hear the most amazing stories. Stories that we’d love to share with you. Here’s where you will find them. Enjoy reading and share if you like. 

Dispelling Adventure Motorcycle Myths with MOTOTREK

Professional motorcycle instructors, Bret Tkacs and Paul Solomonson, discuss adventure motorcycle myths in the three-part video series on the Mototrek YouTube Channel. They often hear the same questions about these topics from their students. We selected three myths to dispel by Bret and Paul…
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The 2018 Overland Expo West

The Overland Expo is the world’s pre-eminent adventure expo promoting exploration of the earth “overland”, whether on two wheels or four. Here are the essential W’s that make it an undeniable must-see for any adventure enthusiast.
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Just pack your things and go on a motorcycle adventure: The Silk Road

Haven’t we all fantasized about going on a big motorcycle trip? A real adventure. How awesome would be to do this? Or to do that? So have we. But instead of just fantasizing about it, we made it happen…
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Meet our 2018 USA Women’s adventure team

Following a successful inaugural year in 2017, the REV’IT! Women’s Team USA welcomes two new members to the fold in 2018: Jenna West and Anna Baklund who join Erika, Louise and Amelia.
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The REV'IT! #95

The REV’IT! #95 was named for the year 1995. The moment at which the company began designing riding gear for the world’s most intrepid two-wheeled explorers.
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Around Gaia's memorable meetings

Ivana Colakovska and Manu Torres have toured the world non-stop for almost four years. The most memorable moments are not just the places they visited, but the unforgettable people they’ve met along the way.
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