<b>Klokhuis Adventures</b> in Bolivia

Klokhuis Adventures in Bolivia


Dutch tv content creators, Bart Meijer & Erik den Boer, traveled through Bolivia to record episodes for an educational kid’s show. They survived the aptly named “Death Road,” crossed the surrealistic Uyuni salt flats, traversed insanely high motorcycle roads in the Chacaltaya mountains and more.

Love for Riding: A Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Motorcycle Adventure

I’m a motorcyclist. This, I think, describes me better than anything else. I’m in love with riding. I’ve got this in my blood. My father, grandfather, grand grandfather and also my grand grandmother were all riding at some point in their lives.
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Motorcycle Diaries – Grossglockner
High Alpine Road

After snow cut their trip short in 2010, Motorcycle Diaries returned to the Grossglockner high alpine road for another go. And after 8 years, they finally discovered why the road is famous among global riders.
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Where the Road Ends

For adventure riders in the know, the mere mention of the Darien Gap can make the heart race: It’s a storied no-man’s land that sits between two continents, brimming with dangers, both nature-made and human.
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An Unlikely Adventure Mixing Genres & Making Memories in Mongolia

Two motorcycle worlds collide as Laurent Cochet & Jorian Ponomareff find themselves together on a Mongolian adventure. No stunts - or pavement - required.
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The Pine Barrens 500 Adventure Ride Recap

The Pine Barrens 500 is an off-road event notorious in the Northeast US for tricky terrain and unpredictable late autumn weather. It has sent more than a few big ADV bikes home packing… and not always in one piece.
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The Pine Barrens 500 Adventure Ride

The Pine Barrens 500 Adventure Ride has gained infamy in the northeastern U.S. among riders as being one of the most challenging, yet rewarding weekends in local adventure motorcycling. #Revitrider and “Big Bike Enduro” specialist, Steve Kamrad, answers the adventure community’s FAQs regarding the event.
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