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Urban Sport Adventure


Come Out & Play is our theme for Spring-Summer 2018. We want to entice you to get out and hop on your bikes ladies and gentlemen! Don’t wait for it. Today is a beautiful day! Get out and ride. Get that smile on your face. Enjoy the feeling of controlling that brutal machine of yours. Silently enjoy the envying looks of those seeing you pass by.

But hey, riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous sport so make sure you’re zipped up in safety gear before you get on your bike. We know that many of you don’t feel like dressing up in full-combat mode. It is the reason for many amongst you not to ride as much as you’d like to and you’ll often just take the car to get some fresh rolls for Sunday morning breakfast whereas you’d rather would hop on the bike if not for the hassle of dressing up.


We hear you, so that’s why we’ve developed a whole range of casually looking gear, following our Tailored Technology design philosophy. Gear that allows you to look absolutely fabulous and funky but that keeps you safe and comfortable at the same time. Gear that you can wear all day long and many amongst you already do. Gear that enables you to blend into any crowd at any scene, as your gear is not recognizable as motorcycle gear. You’ll probably even get some disapproving looks of people thinking you’re riding your bike in casuals. Only you know better.

Whether you ride in the city all day long, take short trips across town, try to hit the apex at your local track or wander across the world, exploring paths yet unexplored, we have got you covered. From highly technical high-performance gear and accessories for the most demanding adventure riders to sports enthusiasts’ track-ready gear to fashionable urban jackets, jeans and footwear, we’ve got it all.

The new Spring-Summer 2018 collection is bigger and better than ever. Here’s a look to some of the new items.

High tech fashion

One of the most technical textile pieces from the new collection is the Yates armored sweatshirt. Not just a piece of cotton with Kevlar reinforcements, but a through and through protective sweater, including our renowned Seesmart CE armor.

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This is for the ladies

Last season, we introduced a compact range of beautiful leather jackets for men. Specially tanned leathers of the highest quality, that will beautifully age over time. As every single jacket is unique, colors vary slightly and they’ll fade slightly differently over time as well. We just love that and so did many female riders out there, rightfully demanding equal treatment. You got it!

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The Vertex series

Sometimes, it’s just a few strokes of the designers’ pencilthat gives a style a particular and distinguishable character. A designer can struggle with the design of the simplest of products for days, whilst at the other hand draw a complete new collection in a day. It’s about being in the right state of mind, having good inspiration at the right moment. This is what happened with the new Vertex series. Just a few minimalistic strokes of the pen on a blank canvas was all it took. The result? Speed, pure speed. A couple of aggressive lines that perfectly mimic the new edgy design lines of modern sports bikes. Having planned to introduce a whole new series of leather jackets, suits, one - & two-2 piece suits as well as versatile motorsport inspired textile jackets, we decided to apply the design across the entire range. Meet the Vertex Series.

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Vertex Pro one piece suit

First up is the Vertex Pro one-piece suit. A high performance one piece track suit constructed of A-grade Monaco performance cowhide, perforated and solid nubuck leather and PWR|Kevlar stretch. It’s jam-packed with protective elements so let’s line them up; first you’ll find our dual comb protectors at shoulders, elbows and knees. Secondly, there’s the CE rated impact armor straight from MotoGP at the elbows, knees and shoulders. Standard included is the new Seesmart armor at the hips and of course the whole suit has safety stitching at all outside seams. As many of you out there use a separate back protector, we did not include it but rest assured, the suit is prepared for our Seesoft CE-Level 2 insert back protector and also for the new Seesoft divided chest protectors, a new protection feature that we added this season. The speed hump also has room for a Hydra bag, so this might well turn out to become your favorite track day suit of all times.

RIS - SS18 - Vertex One Piece 01_1200x700

Vertex Pro combi suit

Similar in construction and features to its one-piece sibling, the Vertex Pro combi-suit is the suit of choice for seasonal sports riders that do not necessarily go on the track. On most tracks across Europe, a one-piece suit is obligatory and they’ll not allow you to get on the track without it. The fitting shape of the two-piece suit is slightly less pre-shaped so it will be more suitable for regular use. Doesn’t mean you can’t be fast though, but be careful out there!

Vertex GT leather jacket and Vertex GT leather trousers

The all new Vertex GT leather jacket is a versatile, sportive leather jacket that also includes a detachable thermal body warmer, to keep the chill out on cold morning rides. Without the liner, the partly perforated outer shell provide ventilation for the warmer days. The GT in Vertex GT stands for Grand Touring. We consider this a perfect jacket for long distance summer sport-touring. It has a relatively relaxed sport fit and provides ample freedom of movement due to the use of PWR | Shell 500D stretch panels at the sides and armpits. A perfect match for the Vertex GT leather jacket are the Vertex GT leather trousers. Simply connect both with the 360 degrees round zip and you’re good to go. The Vertex GT leather trousers also perfectly combine with most of the other sport and tour-sport oriented leather jackets from our range. Dual comb knee sliders, Seesmart CE-Level 1 hip protectors and Seeflex CE-Level 2 knee protectors are included in the package.

Vertex Pro One Piece - Chest Lines_600x700 Vertex Pro One Piece - Stretch Lips_600x700

Vertex H2O, Vertex air and Vertex textile jacket

Design wise, these 3 jackets are very similar, but it is in the features and intended use that sets them apart from one another. What they all have in common is the new TPU protector at the shoulders for additional impact energy absorption, the amazingly comfortable Seesmart CE-Level 1 protectors at shoulders and elbows and being prepared for the Seesoft CE-Level 2 insert back protector.

RIS - SS18 - Vertex 05_1200x700

The Vertex H2O is the waterproof version, featuring a Hydratex | G-liner for waterproofing, a detachable thermal lining and cooling vents at the arms and back. Then there is Vertex Air featuring PWR | Shell mesh panels at the front and back and 3D mesh panels at the upper arms for optimum airflow. In some parts of the world, such as southern Italy, Greece and Spain, it is considered to be too hot in summer and many riders actually prefer a closed outer shell over a full mesh. Being northern Europeans ourselves, we can’t imagine the weather being deemed too hot, but hey, for those lucky guys, we developed the regular Vertex jacket; a non-waterproof version, without thermal liner but an agreeable mesh inner lining and completely solid outer shell.

RIS - SS18 - Vertex 06_1200x700

Who doesn't need some traction?

Aside from many other new jacket styles, gloves, denims and over shirts, we would like to introduce to you our latest in good looking multi-functional urban sportswear; the Traction jacket. It’s one of those jackets that are hard to define. Is it a sports jacket or is it a city jacket? We think it’s both so we don’t care. With knitted cuffs and collar, you might say it is rather a style designed for an urban environment. Sure, you could say that, but it is so bloody comfortable that we think we should integrate it in every jacket. It keeps the wind out perfectly and when it’s still cold or wet, or cold and wet at the same time, simply wrap the cuffs of your sports glove over them and stay dry and comfortable. The outer shell is completely constructed of extra strong PWR | mesh fabric, so air flows in from every angle and hot air escapes through thousands of tiny openings. As the Traction jacket comes with a full sleeve detachable Hydratex | G-Liner, it is also designed to keep you dry and comfy.

We love it, and we think you will too!

For the long-distance all-weather commuter - the Vapor 2 jacket & trousers

Most northern European and North-American long-distance commuters opt for a bike with a more relaxed, upright sitting position, as it also provides a better overview whilst in busy traffic. Most, we say, but not all. There are also those who do not wish to swap fun for practicality and commute on a sport - or tour sport motorcycle. Riding a sport bike requires a different fit from your garments and that’s why there are many riders who’ll be wearing their sports leathers on their daily commute, tugging a set of rain wear in their back pack in case it gets wet and nasty. The Vapor 2 outfit offers a great all-in-one solution here. It’s a more pre-shaped, sports fit jacket and trousers combo with removable thermal liners and direct-to-body ventilation for the warmer days and a Hydratex | Z-liner for 100% waterproofing and good breathability for wet rides. Using the 360 degrees round zip, you’ll create a completely closed off outfit, ready to challenge all conditions you might encounter on your daily commute. Reflective materials at the upper arms, front, back and sleeves ensure great visibility from afar. On the trousers, you’ll find reflective material at the upper and lower leg. The outfit is equipped with the best armor we have. Our award winning Seeflex CE-Level 2 armor at the elbows, knees and shoulders, and Seesmart CE-Level 1 protection at the hips. The jacket is prepared for the Seesoft CE-Level 2 insert back protector. To be able to have the same snug fit in winter as summer, there are multiple adjustment straps to customize the fit, so it doesn’t matter whether you wear the outfit with or without thermal liner.