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your style From your wardrobe to your bike

Get ready to meet motorcycle gear that lets you to carry your personal style straight onto your bike. Rooted in our Tailored Technology philosophy, we have developed three new styles that in the past would never have been considered motorcycle ready. But they are now, and in ways even you may never have thought possible.

Allow us to describe the technology behind three wardrobe must-haves that from here on out will qualify as your favorite motorcycle gear. Motorcycles have undergone a multitude of evolutions, creating several new segments along the way. For over a century we have seen motorcycling go from a basic engine-powered bicycle to high-tech, electronics equipped superbikes, adventure bikes, touring bikes, and many more. In the past, motorcycle gear fashion would follow trends closely. But that was the past…


The styles for this summer

Stylish, sporty, or secured against a possible downpour: you’ll be sure to find the perfect garment to protect your style from this summer onwards.


REV'IT! Tracer denim overshirt

First seen in Europe in the 14th century, dress shirts have come a long way. Originally designed as underwear to prevent perspiration from making contact with expensive overcoats, we now consider dress shirts as a rather chic piece of clothing. Funny really, knowing that well into the 1900s good manners dictated that a shirt should not be seen. We're happy to see those days are long gone, allowing us –and you– to show off our Tracer overshirt knowing you are protected.

REV'IT! Stealth Denim Hoody

A hoody already combines fashion and function in its original shape by providing a cover against the elements should you need it. With our Stealth we've expanded its functionality by incorporating protection against any unfortunate mishap, as well as defense against the rain thanks to its 100% waterproof and breathable denim outer shell. We've laminated our hydratex® membrane directly onto Polycotton stretch denim, resulting in a hoody that keeps you safe and dry with virtually no water pickup from the outer shell.


The origin of the baseball jacket is attributed to a place that might seem unexpected: Harvard University. The prestigious institution's baseball team was looking for a way to highlight their star players back in 1865, and after they developed their first version it went on to become a staple of various teams in a multitude of sport disciplines. The hip-hop scene picked it up, with artists such as Run DMC regularly sporting a baseball jacket, and it has now reached the motorcycle industry, with us making the Intercept jacket and ensuring it remains stylish without sacrificing safety.


The secret known as SEESMART™

The most important development that will allow you to travel in style is our in-house developed SEESMART™ family of protectors. With outer shell technologies increasingly allowing us to create stylish yet abrasion resistant riding gear, internal protectors have been a limiting component in creating silhouettes that harmoniously follow the human anatomy.


In this respect, SEESMART™ has changed everything. Specifically developed for use in urban motorcycle gear, these protectors offer the highest level of flexibility while exceeding the EN1621-1:2012 CE-Level 1 impact tests, including in hot (T+) conditions. This development has brought us another step closer to our goal of providing the ultimate motorcycle gear in every industry segment. To serve personal preferences, all our items are ready to upgrade with a SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert.

How it works:

SEESMART™ is constructed of SEEFLEX2925, the same material as our award winning family of SEEFLEX™ protectors. It offers the same unique molecular structure, allowing the material to transform kinetic energy from an impact into thermal energy. SEEFLEX2925 is a truly unique material which carries excellent impact absorption properties.


Visible studs in the SEESMART™ protector are hexagon-shaped and fixed via narrow connection bands. This enables the protectors to be extremely flexible and remain thin; exactly what clothes designed to integrate into daily life need to keep from looking like motorcycle gear need. The hexagonal studs expand externally under impact, allowing them to absorb energy.



Outer Shell Technology

Extensive in-house research and development have afforded us to create materials and combinations that not only ensure abrasion resistance when needed, but look incredible all the time.

Cordura® denim

There is strong, and then there's stronger. For both the Tracer and the Intercept we use Cordura® denim which on its own outclasses the combination of regular denim and aramid commonly used in motorcycle jeans. By adding our in-house developed PWR | shield, the abrasion resistance even surpasses leather!

REV'IT! PWR | shield

Straight from our own R&D department PWR | shield is strategically incorporated to reinforce the already strong denims we use in our jeans and denim products, ensuring your gear is up to the task of resisting abrasion wear and tear. The Tracer, Intercept, and Stealth are all PWR | shield equipped for your safety.

Polycotton 3L stretch denim + hydratex®

Thanks to its unique characteristics, polycotton stretch denim can be laminated with our renown hydratex® membrane. The result: a 100% waterproof and breathable 3L outer shell with little to no water pickup, perfect for our Stealth hoody.


Short Connection Zipper


Hidden Front Zipper
for protection



Aside from safety and looks, we made sure to add some clever features to contribute to the motorcycle-readiness of the items.

Laminated reflection

Being safe means being seen, especially when the sun goes down. That's why we've incorporated laminated reflection into our Tailored Technology gear, allowing you to be seen from all directions. To eliminate unnecessary seams we've welded the reflection to the fabric. As a bonus, this method adds a sophisticated look to the gear.

Short connection zipper

This subtle yet smart zipper enables you to connect your jacket to your jeans using our Safeway belt to ensure a quick connection.




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