During the early stages of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we asked you to nominate a person/people/organizations making a difference in your community. You answered with these Hometown Heroes.

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A short while ago, when the COVID-19 quarantines started, we made a callout for nominations of a person or organization who deserved some recognition for helping their communities. Hometown Heroes who gave their time and risked their own well-being to offer extraordinary care during a time when their communities needed it the most. 

We were touched by the amazing stories and the selfless work that people were doing to make a difference around the world. While we genuinely appreciate and want to recognize everyone who shared their stories, we selected 20 hometown heroes to show our gratitude the best way we know how $ 1,000 USD / € 1,000 worth of REV’IT! safety apparel to those that help keep us safe. For those that inspire us. To say thank you.

About this page

a selection of just a few of the
extraordinary stories we received:




I nominate not just myself or any one individual but BCT (Bikers Coming Through). BCT is a network of bikers, some on bikes, some behind computers, some manning phones, some sewing face masks, and 3D printing PPE equipment, that respond to needs from all over Ireland for assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the donations of PPE equipment ran low, we managed to source thousands of tulips via stately homes in the county, and cut/arranged them into bouquets to be delivered to elderly care and retirement homes just to let the residents and the staff know that people care.

I’ve spent nearly 20 years working in conflicts and crisis points all over the world and many times I’ve witnessed ordinary people step up, help the community and contribute to recovery. COVID-19 is not a war but bikers and the nation-wide network of volunteers have certainly risen to the fight. We will leverage the REV’IT! Heroes prize to help fundraise the network purchase of PPE and raw materials in a sustainable manner. With each delivery of much needed equipment, BCT tries to share a little hope and respect for frontline workers and vulnerable community members all over Ireland.



Jennifer – nominated by Saf

San Francisco, California USA

Jen and I co-founded Native Moto Adventures, a motorcycle tour company with the goal of showcasing scenic Northern California riding and fostering a more diverse riding scene. Jen is also an officer with an all-women's sportbike club called Curve Unit. She is one of few women entrepreneurs in the motorcycle industry and is on a mission to inspire more women to ride.

While eagerly waiting to resume motorcycle tours from her beloved town of San Francisco, Jen gave her time and motorcycle riding skills to Self-Help for the Elderly, a non-profit supporting seniors since 1966. During March and April, she picked up and dropped off meals to local senior citizens who were unable to leave their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She was humbled by the palpable gratitude of the seniors she visited, but also enjoyed having a legitimate excuse to get outside the house and on two wheels.



Joel – nominated by Christine 

Newark, California USA

Joel is San Mateo County's afternoon shift charge nurse, and has been working in healthcare in one form or another for about 20 years. He’s also been riding motorcycles in some form or another for the past 30 years. The nursing staff would like to recognize him for the outstanding work he does to keep this ER afloat. Joel has been at the forefront in achieving the ER nursing needs during this pandemic. Although administration policies and procedures are in place and healthcare workers have to cooperate with their rules, Joel has made every effort humanly possible to ensure that we are providing quality and continuity of care to our beloved patients. 

Despite all the politics involved, the nurses are still doing what they love to do and that is helping the general public. Not only has Joel been the backbone in structuring a fully functioning COVID algorithm for patient care, he helped fund and initiate two tents for suspected COVID-19 patients for intubations and holding areas, while maintaining the normal volume and acuity of patients received in the ER. Our hearts beat with Joel's nursing action care plan like little soldiers protecting everyone in the Emergency Department. We are proud of all that he does and has done for us.



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Cody – nominated by Luke 

Edmonton, Alberta CANADA

My brother Cody is a designer at the University of Alberta, for the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. We are a small group of designers and educators that work to create resources to better the learning of future healthcare providers and the understanding of patients and their families. With the onset of COVID-19 in Edmonton, we were seeing the dire need for personal protective equipment (PPE). I was approached by a local doctor who was looking to explore the possibilities of reusable PPE for our local healthcare workers. Over the next couple weeks, we prototyped multiple masks and face shields to be a backup for the N95 mask, using 3D printed parts, furnace filters, and fabric in our spare time. 

With my 3D printer running day and night, we worked over the next few weeks to finalize the design and get approval from infection control. Once we had the go-ahead, we sent a call out to the community to help. A local manufacturer became a partner and headquarters and hundreds of volunteers stepped up to create, assemble, deliver, organize, or donate to Alberta 3D PPE. To date, we have donated 13,596 ear savers and 1,846 face shields to local healthcare facilities, long-term care homes, and dental clinics. We are so happy to be able to help make a difference, and to be a part of a community that has come together in a difficult time to help support the real heroes fighting this virus.



German – nominated by Mark 

Port Orange, Florida USA

My buddy, German, hails originally from Argentina but immigrated to Miami, FL many years ago. This big guy is full of life and spirit and is always the center of the party. His story is about how one person can truly make a difference, not only by one’s own actions, but also by inspiring others to help. After the COVID-19 pandemic reality set in, news started to emerge that citizens of many countries were stuck in Miami without residence and financial security. What caught German's attention was the plight of his fellow Argentinians that were stranded, many running out of money, medicine, and in many cases, were without a place to stay. 

Disturbed by the lack of action by the Argentinean federal authorities, or the consulate in Miami, German sprang into action. Along with our tight-knit motorcycle group, he organized food deliveries and hygiene essentials. He went as far as to help create an app and website so these 2,500 displaced Argentinians could let their whereabouts be known and receive aid. So, to German and the guys from The Clan Garage, thank you. You are making a difference. 



Will – nominated by Kirsten 

New York City, New York USA

Normally, Will runs Dapper Tours, a NYC-based sidecar tour company that he started a few years ago. However, since COVID hit, Will has been giving rides - free of charge - to NYC nurses and other medical staff so they can get to work safely. This has been a huge help to medical workers, especially women, as public transportation has become irregular and increasingly unsafe at the late hours during which they travel to and from hospitals. When Will is not giving rides to nurses, he delivers PPE, hand sanitizer, and groceries to essential workers, senior citizens, and low-income households. 

Will has been doing this entirely at his own expense. He is using his own sidecars to transport these essential workers, including paying for all gas, doing his own bike maintenance, and paying tolls and other expenses out of his own pocket. When I asked him why he didn’t charge for the rides, he said it was because it is “the right thing to do.” I can say without hesitation that Will is a deserving person for this honor, and a person who would put the REV’IT! gear to very good use.



Liam – nominated by Katie  

Paignton, United Kingdom

My brother worked very hard to save up enough money and he recently bought his first bike after having yearned for one ever since he was young. Despite now having all the time he could hope for to ride his bike - due to his university postponing their programs - he has instead spent his time helping others through his new mode of transport. My brother has taken it upon himself to be an almost ‘honorary motorcycle nurse,’ in which he has taken on all manner of jobs, including delivering prescriptions, medical supplies, and just generally cheering up our at-risk grandma through any means he can. 

She would like nothing more than to see her family after the awful ordeal she went through of being sick for 4 months in the hospital. I really feel my brother deserves recognition for all he has done for this family and our community. He would benefit tremendously from this prize as this is his first bike, and having paid for all his equipment himself, has proven difficult whilst being at university. I know it would also bring a big smile to our grandma's face who has been so proud of how hard he has worked to own his own bike and the good he has used it for.



NaDean – nominated by Vicki  

Everett, Washington USA

I would like to nominate my daughter, NaDean, a paramedic and a firefighter. She works for the fire district that transported the first confirmed COVID-19 patient in the United States, before anyone realized how virulent it was and before anyone understood the extreme demand that first responders would have for PPE. She has always been willing to help others and do what needs to be done. One of her firefighter duties was to go into a porta-potty to get out a burglar who had crawled into the toilet part and was hiding in the tank. 

The porta-potty was surrounded by police officers with their guns drawn. My daughter was the smallest firefighter present and best able to wedge herself above the toilet seat to run a line around the guy and pull him out in all his poop and chemical glory. Because this COVID crisis has made the world crazy, she says, "Riding is the only thing that makes me feel sane - when I'm riding, I feel relaxed and happy." Believe me, I am well aware of how much my daughter puts her life at risk. But being the best she can be, helping others and remaining calm, collected and competent in a crisis is just who she is and what she prides herself in. She truly is a hero. And I am very proud of her.