<b>KTM Adventure Riders Rally 2018</b> Recap

KTM Adventure Riders Rally 2018 Recap

The off-roading community of KTM riders gathered en masse this past September at the 15th Annual KTM Adventure Riders Rally (USA). A giant tribe of overland adventure bikes rolled like a wave against a backdrop of sun, sky and smoke in Park City, Utah.
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Within an orange sea of KTM motorcycles, there was one group that stood out amongst the pack of motorcycles; our quartet of REV’IT! Women’s Adventure Team riders. Put together in matching silver Tornado 2 ladies suits, our #womenwhoride rode together in epic style over arid hills, into technical single track trails, through aspen groves and under an amber sky tinted from nearby wildfires.

With matching KTM 250 XC-W TPI 2-stroke enduros, their braaaps could be heard buzzing through the hillside like killer queen bees swarming. We chased down team member Erika Tango Bean after the event to get her full account of the weekend.

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Teamwork on any Terrain

“It was pure joy to be able to ride with my female teammates and share this adventure,” Erica said. “As a team we navigated tough terrain hurdles, mechanical problems and challenging natural features and weather.

Through teamwork we coached each other and escaped dangers together; like dodging a rogue broken trailer wheel hurtling down the road, or even lifting one of the crashed KTMs out a tree after an... incident. No matter the obstacle, we tackled them as a team.”

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Passion Driven

“When you’re surrounded by people that share the same passion for motorcycles, it’s a real shared sense of community. Everyone at the KTM rally is bonded by this unique attraction to a sense of adventure on two wheels. I am proud to represent a small but growing population of women motorcycle adventurers. The community really encouraged and empowered us as a group of like-minded adventurers; I can see why there is a genuine sense of loyalty to the brand and to the rally.

The riders at the rally were super supportive and didn’t judge us at all, even though our relatively small statures were drastically different from most in attendance.

KTM riders from all over the county come each year to reunite with old friends and meet new ones, and I am incredibly grateful to REV’IT! for being an industry leader in supporting women riders and making gear that is truly tailored to meet our needs.”

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Relive the Rally

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