Portugal is a country of craftmanship - mixing up traditional ways of fabrication with future-forward ideas. And this dare-to-be different Yamaha XSR700 bike build by Lisbon-based “The House Of Cool” is the latest result of out-of-the-box thinking.


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REV’IT!’s Senior Brand Relations Manager in the racing and urban scene; switching from one-piece leathers to riding jeans while always on two wheels.

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When going over to The House Of Cool’s website, the first thing you’ll notice is the presence of various examples of Land Rover’s iconic Defender and even a beautifully restored Alfa Romeo GT1600 sporting the beautiful Bertone body style. Finding their recently finished bike build requires some scrolling, as building motorcycles isn’t their primary focus.

In an era where the list of custom bike builders is growing, the guys at Yamaha Portugal and The House Of Cool both stepped outside of the box with this collaboration, showing that a passion for wheels isn’t limited to the number of wheels mounted.

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Restoring cars means you come across various artisanal ways of producing parts. Each era had its strengths, and depending on the era in which the car was constructed, you’ll end up restoring - or reproducing - cast iron, sheet metal, forged aluminum, or any other kind of parts.

The headaches that come with restoring cars are rewarded with in-depth knowledge of ways of producing parts that are forgotten by many, and all of this has been put to work on the XSR700 that you are looking at right now.

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The guys at The House Of Cool are purists. Their aim is to create constructions that are as close to stock as possible when bringing classic cars back to life. With a design brief to create something “different,” the guys went to work while paying tribute to the Yamaha brand at hand; proof of which can be found in taking inspiration from Yamaha’s iconic “speed block” theme when designing the bodywork.

This inspiration blended in well with the scrambler-esque premise they’ve applied to the XSR700, resulting in a bike that gets you amped up to go out and blast around on gravel roads from the moment you lay eyes on it.


House of Cool - Bike Build 2

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The bike you’re looking at started its life on a computer screen after a sketch on paper, with a 3D illustration program allowing for a first look of the end result before a single screw was taken from the bike.

From then on, the initial body work was 3D printed and sculptured to perfection. But for the end result, Pedro opted for a style that can only be achieved by using an age-old craft: casting. The answer to the “why” of this decision comes from Pedro himself.

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House of Cool - Bike Build 3

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~Pedro: “Opting for cast aluminum was a radical and bold decision; we were on a tight timeframe and this decision brought a lot of risks. Many people asked us why we didn’t go for 3D printing for the end result too, but this for us was never an option. The final finish you get with casting is one of great richness, where imperfections become highlighted details rather than flaws. 

This was the perfect contrast with all the inch-perfect parts on the modern base bike, and it is what gives this bike its soul. Our ambition to achieve this came to life thanks to the guys from FABcast in Braga. They embraced the project when we contacted them, and they produced the unique pieces with dedication and care.”

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House of Cool - Bike Build 4
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The unique bodywork was balanced out by using spoked Kineo wheels, Renthal handle bars, and Biltwell grips that together with the seat add a minimal amount of color to this multiple-shades-of-grey bike.

With help from the guys at Art on Wheels, the bike breathes through an exhaust that blends in perfectly with the design.

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House of Cool - Bike Build 8

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We love custom bikes and the creativity that flows endlessly within the custom motorcycle scene. When hearing the plans from Pedro prior to the start of the build, we immediately saw a link between their philosophy and our Tailored Technology-driven Urban collection. Their approach of using age-old techniques and state-of-the-art design mixed perfectly with our Friction jacket. In a way it’s similar; taking the popular theme of our motorcycle-ready overshirts and then blending them with a more traditional material: leather.

As we are also not one to take the easy road, in this case, it’s goat skin turned inside out and printed on. It goes to show that even if you’re not both after the same end result, minds can think alike. And even before the bike was built, we knew that this was going to be a perfect match. If you ask us, the video above serves as perfect proof of how out-of-the-box thinking comes to life on the streets.


House of Cool - Bike Build 9


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