<b>Overland Event 2018</b> – Inspiration for everyone

Overland Event 2018 – Inspiration for everyone

Motorcycle riders know how to have fun. This was, once again, proven at the Overland Event in the countryside of Oxford at the end of August. A combination of beautiful weather, plenty of interesting activities and a relaxed atmosphere made for a weekend not soon forgotten.
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Bring on the good times

Adventure travelers from all over Great Britain, mainland Europe and even Australia gathered together on the green hillsides of Hill End Centre on Friday afternoon.

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After pitching their tents or dropping their bags in one of the dorm rooms, they were ready for a weekend filled with activities and presentations centered around motorcycle travel.

Like last year, the weather gods were kind to the event, blessing the visitors with rays of sunshine and a nice breeze to keep the temperature spot-on.

This made life for the attendees ideal and the spirits where high. So high that the supply of beer that was supposed to last the whole event was finished on Friday night. The organization had to scramble all Saturday morning to get the bar restocked for the afternoon and evening. Luckily they made it happen.


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Our main goal for the event was to showcase our new REV’IT! FW18 collection to the public. We also had another mission: to gather intelligence.

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As it was the first time we presented our brand-new FW18 Adventure collection to the public, we were very curious how the visitors would respond to the new designs. Our Adventure product designer, Rod, joined us at the event to talk about his new designs and gauge the reactions of the public.

We were very happy to hear most people loved the new, clean, minimalist look we introduced in a few our new models. The updated colors on our existing products were also well received.

We spent the whole weekend talking with visitors, answering their questions and writing down every comment or suggestion they had about our products. This resulted in a long list of invaluable information.

It’s also one of our main reasons to go to an event like this. We can never acquire this info when we stay in the office sitting behind our desks. Plus, Overland is a lot of fun!

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Not your average adventure bike

It was really cool to see so many different styles of adventure bikes present at Hill End Centre. The bike show showcased a wide selection of motorcycles that were used for travels all over the world.

It highlighted that you don’t always need a big expensive adventure bike to go on an adventure around the planet. Most of the time older, smaller or cheaper bikes work just as well. You just have to be a bit more patient, and sometimes more creative.

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All good things come to an end

Time to make somebody very happy. The crowd gathered in the REV’IT! music tent where a visitor was lucky enough to win a set of our brand new GORE-TEX® gear from our new FW18 collection.

The rest of the evening was filled by a wide variety of beer, great conversations and quality tunes coming from the stage of the REV’IT! music tent.

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After leaving Sunday afternoon we looked back on the Overland Event 2018 with a lot of fond memories. We want to thank everybody for visiting us at the event and taking the time to share your thoughts about our products. We returned to the REV’IT! HQ inspired and ready to develop more exciting new products for the Adventure riding community.

Mission: Accomplished!


Follow us and get inspired by REV’IT! Adventure riders during their travels all around the world.