<b>The Pine Barrens 500</b> Adventure Ride

The Pine Barrens 500 Adventure Ride

The Pine Barrens 500 Adventure Ride has gained infamy in the northeastern U.S. among riders as being one of the most challenging, yet rewarding weekends in local adventure motorcycling. #Revitrider and “Big Bike Enduro” specialist, Steve Kamrad, answers the adventure community’s FAQs regarding the event.


Steve Kamrad

I produce short movies about having fun, usually it's on motorcycles with my friends. No one bought a Honda Rebel because it's cool. Think about that.


Steve Kamrad
Pine Barrens 500

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What’s the deal with the Pine Barrens 500?

The PB500 (for short!) is the east coast of the United States’ off-road event that big ADV and dual sport riders use to gauge their skills against their peers. Why? Because: Sand. It can be a big bike’s worst nightmare.

Even just a small sandy section in the woods can cause sizeable problems. Let alone 500 miles of the soft stuff! The small PB500 event sticker on the front of a battle-scarred bike is worn like a badge of honor by those who have tackled the ride.

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What are the Pine Barrens?

The New Jersey Pine Barrens cover over one million acres of the state and span across 7 counties. It covers 22% of NJ with a population density of 15 people per square mile, as opposed to the state average of 1000 per square mile.

As an adventure ride, this means you can easily find yourself in the middle of nowhere with no help in sight. Don’t panic though, the PB500 is a GPS-guided route. You can also get away with not having a GPS if you ride in a group, or even just using your cell phone on a handlebar mount would be sufficient.


Pine Barrens Woods

What's it like
to ride?

One-word answers are the norm: hell, long, brutal, sandy and fun. But sometimes it’s difficult to elaborate. Everyone has their own experiences and create their own conclusions, but they always get the same smile on their face right before they tell their story. Usually the conditions determine the next words out of their mouth.

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Why do it if it’s so hard?

One of the most FAQs is always “Why?” Every year, hundreds of riders converge in Hammonton, NJ and if it’s your first year, you’re there to see if you have what takes to do the Pine Barrens 500. You’re there to see what all the hype is about. If you're a returning victim, the reasons for attending run a bit deeper. There’s the glutton for punishment; a rider and bike that got punished last year and wants to prove their mettle again.

Some riders return on a mission to prove that their skills are improved, that they can perform better than years past. Then there’s the squad of riding buddies who are just there to rip around together, help one another and laugh at each other struggle. All are there to have an adventure.

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How do I know if I’m ready for the PB500?

If it’s your first time out, there’s really isn’t much to stress over. These events are designed for people to just show up and ride. It’s meant to be paced for less experienced riders to ride and navigate. The event organizers, Pine Barrens Adventure Camp Riding School, know they have to host new participants every year.

At a minimum, just show up on your bike with knobby tires installed, good protective gear - like an outfit from the REV’IT! Adventure Collection - and a hydration pack. If you couldn’t convince anyone to come with you to tackle one of the toughest rides on the east coast, it’s their loss.

No worries though, just arrive early to meet some great new people and join a pack of riders that are close to your skill level and set off on a genuine adventure. Adventure riding is a team sport or group activity. You’ll want wingmen (and wingwomen) there to help you lift up your bike, help make repairs, lead the way, coach you, give encouragement or just laugh with. You’ll rarely find a community as close-knit and helpful to one another than ADV nuts.

Sign up, get to the start and have an adventure with tough-as-roots, like-minded people. Don’t overthink it, we’re riding motorcycles in woods. See you out there!

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New Jersey's Pinelands National Reserve
October 26, 27 & 28

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