Connecting The Track To The Streets: <b>The REV’IT! Racing Technology Center</b>

Connecting The Track To The Streets: The REV’IT! Racing Technology Center

In the digital age, information is processed faster than we can possibly fathom. That’s why we’ve planted ourselves in the epicenter of the MotoGP racing world. Introducing the REV’IT! Racing Technology Center.

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Our involvement in MotoGP has always been about more than just a branding exercise. By taking our products to the highest level of motorcycle racing, we’ve gained knowledge that trickled down into our street products. And with a new hub in its epicenter, we’ll take these developments to the next level.

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REV'IT! Racing Technology Centre - Expanded

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Allow us to introduce to you the REV’IT! Racing Technology Center, or "REV'IT! RTC”. Easily mistaken for a trailer when you spot it on the highway, it’s actually a portable nucleus for our Research and Innovation department. Carried out in the same architecture as our future headquarters, it’s designed as a detachable hub that allows us to work with all the necessary tools, yet on location.


Once on location, the REV'IT! RTC expands into a two story building that caters to various needs when inside the MotoGP paddock. The ground floor is dedicated to research & development, as well as racing services for our professional riders, making sure their equipment is up to spec at all times. The top floor is a relaxing spot for our riders, office spaces and a place to invite our guests during MotoGP weekends.

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Petrucci - Ducati 2019

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The REV'IT! RTC is the next chapter in our ongoing commitment to safety. Despite being focused on MotoGP to the outside world, the reason behind this high-tech hub is to constantly gather information and improve products that REV’IT! riders around the world can enjoy; knowing it adds significant safety to their ride in case of an unfortunate mishap. The products you can buy in store have always been developed together with the best riders and racers in the world, and the REV'IT! RTC makes this more visible to the outside world.


Our online presence allows us to share our developments with you directly, like through our dedicated racing account. But as with most things, seeing the REV'IT! RTC on a screen is nothing like the real deal. We encourage you to keep an eye out on our communication channels, because we’re happy to invite a select group of REV’IT! enthusiasts to come and have a look at our REV’IT! Racing Technology Center on racetracks around Europe.