Our strongest lineup of riders to-date has kept us on the edge of our seats in all races across all classes. And with the season being halfway(-ish) through, it’s time for a bit of reflection. Join us on our halfway point evaluation.

Riding - and climbing – The Pan American Highway

In 2017, James Barkman and two friends set out to travel the Pan American trail in a different way - by riding and climbing it. Read about the (literal) highs and lows of their journey, from the peaks of Denali in Alaska to the Peruvian Alps, all on a set of Suzuki DR650s.
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Meet the 2019 REV’IT! US Women’s ADV Team

Following a successful year in 2018, the REV’IT! US Women’s ADV Team welcomes two new members to the fold in 2019: Katelyn Barnecut and Kris Fant, who join Erika, Amelia, and Jenna.
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Get Closer And More Personal With Our Team Of MotoGP Riders

Get even closer and more personal with our team of MotoGP riders. Hear their stories, find out what their goals are, and learn more about what gives them their on-track confidence.
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The Story Behind The Team: REV’IT! Riders

At REV’IT!, we’re known to do things differently. We challenge the status quo and derive solutions by following different paths. With this approach, we’ve built a likeminded staff. The same goes for our REV’IT! riders. Let us introduce our class of 2019, in a different setting than you might expect…
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Meet our 2018 USA Women’s adventure team

Following a successful inaugural year in 2017, the REV’IT! Women’s Team USA welcomes two new members to the fold in 2018: Jenna West and Anna Baklund who join Erika, Louise and Amelia.
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