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Pick the cause,take the ride

By uniting all - and we mean all! - motorcycle communities together in a global charitable event, Ride Sunday takes the basic desire of motorcyclists to ride their bikes and ties it in with contributing to a good cause. It’s open to all riders, and the funds raised are distributed across various organizations since you also get to pick a charity on that stands for something you believe in most.


How does it work?

On June 3, 2018, we all Ride Sunday. It’s all about creating change by hitting the road on two wheels, whether that road is paved or not. And with the option to either join a ride or create your own, nothing is set in stone except for the date.

Go to and see if there is a ride nearby that you want to join or pick up the gauntlet and create your ride by following the four easy steps on the Ride Sunday website.

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If you follow the aforementioned steps, by now you know when, where, and for which cause you’ll be riding for during Ride Sunday. All that’s left is to actually start raising funds.

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Thanks to the donation pages on, that part has been made easy, so you can focus on spamming your friends and family by sharing your personal fundraising page via social media. And remember, you get to pick a charity that’s close to your heart, a charity that will then receive all funds raised by you.

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Acceleratethe game

Ride Sunday has set itself a lofty goal of raising $50 million USD within the next ten years, so they are bound to get off on the right foot. In order to accelerate the game from the get-go, and keep momentum going throughout the fundraising period, there are three bikes up for grabs for the three highest fundraisers.

Furthermore, the top twenty fundraisers will get their golden ticket to the REV’IT! collection as they’ll receive $1,000 in credit to put towards our products. Whether it’s adventure, tour, sport, or custom bikes you’re into, a new outfit awaits for those who up their fundraising game.

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Relive the Rides

With Ride Sunday being all about charity, the riding part of things doesn’t end after June 3. Make sure you sign up on This way you can save your Ride Sunday trip for others to relive, and you can find other rides to enjoy whilst keeping your riding momentum after the event.

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Ride Sunday is all about the feels; feel great atop your motorcycle while riding with your friends and feel great that you’re contributing to worthy causes locally, nationally or globally. Don’t wait. Sign up today and start raising funds. We’ll see you out there.