Gears The Fall Winter 17 Motorcycle Gear Collection

Seamlessly shift gears between seasons without missing a day on two wheels. With new styles from the REV’IT! Fall Winter 17 motorcycle gear collection, our designers have gone the extra mile to deliver garments that blend effortlessly into your everyday riding routine.

These stylish additions will keep you warm, dry and protected in any situation. Here’s a look at what’s new.


Two of our best-selling motorcycle shoes styles -- the Ginza and the Mohawk -- are revamped for the REV’IT! Fall Winter 17 collection. They’ve been re-styled for maximum comfort and versatility. Add in the brand-new Yukon boot, and you’ve got a water-resistant footwear trio that’s suitable for any season. Click here to discover our footwear trio.


Bring some attitude to your ride with the new Burn softshell jacket, or the popular Flare jacket. These two hooded styles blend cool and casual elements with sleek design accents to bring a sportive style to any ride.


The REV’IT! Fall Winter 17 collection brings forth four new jackets. Each is uniquely inspired. The Sherlock is our take on the classic wool overcoat, while the Field was inspired by the highly functional M-65 military jacket. The Ronson is our oversized fishtail parka and Stockholm ladies is a warm and beautifully-tailored, cold-weather riding jacket for the unstoppable woman.


Experience down as you’ve never experienced it before with our Downtown jacket. It’s our first down-filled jacket that’s also waterproof. It’s not only toasty warm, but also meets the demands of all-weather riders.

No matter how cold the temperatures get, you can still keep shifting gears on your bike thanks to our Fall Winter 17 collection. We deliver jackets and shoes that keep you warm, are waterproof, fashionable and protective. Click here to learn more.