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The Essentials
To Keep You Warm Our essentials to stay warm from head to toe

Temperatures are dropping, but don’t let that stop you. Keep riding despite the weather with our winter-layer collection. These items keep you warm and comfortable from head to toe, without having to buy a whole new wardrobe. Here are our winter essentials.





Windcollar Castor

By using a windbarrier over the entire surface of the collar, wind doesn’t have a chance, regardless of its strength or direction. With an elastic opening you can seal the collar down completely. Windcollar Castor WB


Nanuk Jacket

The Nanuk takes comfort to the next level. Constructed with the body-hugging ThermoLite® this jacket provides warmth without the weight; this durable material is wind- and abrasion-resistant while pulling moisture away from the skin.
Nanuk Jacket




Undergloves Helium

The Helium undergloves raise the comfort and warmth factors in any existing glove. The closed-knit nylon fabric is highly breathable and moisture wicking, enhancing the overall warmth properties of the Helium.
Undergloves Helium



nanuk pants

The Nanuk pants keep you dry by taking moisture away while retaining precious body heat. They have a tight skin fit and are constructed with overlock seams to ensure you ride in comfort. Nanuk Pants



socks tour winter

The fabrics used in our socks quickly wick moisture away from the skin, while ventilation channels keep the feet dry and comfortable. We add pure Merino wool for insulation. They keep your feet warm. Even on the longest winter touring ride.
Socks Tour Winter


think layers

Combining materials and layers makes all the difference in staying warm despite the temperature.

Base Layer
Mid Layer
Outer Layer
air spacer ribs

Air spacer ribs are designed to maintain an insulating layer of air next to the skin. This provides excellent air circulation and insulation, eliminating the risk of chill during cold weather.

3D airvent zone

The 3D airvent zone is strategically placed on the front of the torso, to allow excess perspiration to evaporate quickly during physical activity.

Base layer

Oxygen LS Shirt

As the next-to-skin layer, base layers should drawing sweat away from the body and allow it to evaporate off the surface of the material. We call this effect ‘’wicking’’. Keeping your skin dry is essential to stay warm.
Oxygen LS Shirt

Mid layer

Solar Jacket

A mid layer, combined with the base layer, is for additional insulation. A mid-layer retains your body heat by creating a pocket of warm air around your body. And a thermal liner can be worn under any of our jackets.
Solar Jacket


Primaloft® is made from a tightly woven microfiber structure, helping the body retain warmth and conserve energy.


SEEFLEX™ Level 2 CE protection at shoulders and elbows

detachable GORE-TEX® liner with Micro Grid Backer Technology

Outer layer

Defender Pro GTX Jacket

The purpose of the outer layer is to protect you from wind and rain. The outer shell can be worn directly over the base layer or the insulating mid-layer, depending on the conditions. This ever-important outer layer should be abrasion resistant, strongly constructed and with CE-approved protectors at critical impact points.
Defender Pro GTX Jacket