Boots Scout H2O

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They look like comfortable shoes for walking and they are, but they are also highly protective motorcycle boots with many features for riding in as much comfort as possible. The sole specifically contributes to both purposes: it is made with grip to stay in control, stability for standing and flexibility for walking.
The hydratex® liner will keep your dry foot no matter how hard it rains and thermoformed protection ensures your foot won’t twist or bend unnaturally while maintaining stability and regulating the foot position. Sizes 38-47


Product features
  • injected ankle cup
  • thermoformed heel cup

    The heel of the boot is reinforced for added safety. The rider won't notice it while wearing as the hard plastic has been heated to mold it into the perfect shape. The reinforced heel cup also contributes to a better posture of the foot.

  • thermoformed toecap

    The toe area of the boot has been reinforced with a thermoformed hard plastic toecap. Thermoformed means the plastic has been heated to model the perfect shape. The rider won't feel it this critical feature when wearing the boot, but will benefits from the added safety.

  • coated leather

    Coated leather has undergone a process that makes it water-repellent and soil-resistant.

  • PWR|shell 500D

    Consisting of 100% high-performance polyamide yarns, PWR|shell 500D takes the best properties of a nylon with a high melting point, tremendous tear and abrasion-resistance, and excellent durability and then puts the unique REV’IT! design stamp on it. It provides high-performance protection for every rider.

  • suede leather

    Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish. Due to its texture and open pores, suede can absorb liquids quickly. We use suede as a visor wiper on our gloves, putting its absorbency to good use for keeping your field of vision clear.

  • hydratex®|Z-liner

    A waterproof layer is laminated onto a carrier to construct the REV’IT! hydratex®|Z-liner membrane. The carrier, in turn, protects the membrane against wear-and-tear damage, and the seams of the membrane are taped to ensure waterproofing. The Z- liner is constructed between the lining and the outer shell. The REV’IT! hydratex®|Z-liner membrane is used in garments that demand a high level of all-weather protection.

  • adjustable hook and loop closure

    The stretch panel at the calf is covered with a hook and loop pile fastener for an adjustable fit.

  • quick lace system
  • TPU gear shift pad

    An additional panel has been placed on the foot top to protect the boot from the gear shifter. This extra layer has a rippled texture for a sure grip while shifting.

  • PP insole with integrated shank

    To avoid torsion, the sole features a layer of polypropylene, while a reinforced polypropylene rib from the heel to the shank adds extra support for standing on the foot pegs. To ensure walking remains comfortable, the front end of the sole is equipped with grooves for flexibility.

  • 3D mesh lining

    This open-loft three-dimensional mesh enhances the breathability of the boot.

  • easy entrance pull strap

    A heavy-duty pull strap at the calf for ease of entry is made of a webbing that can handle the strongest of tugs.

  • Vibram® Elevation Sole

    REV’IT!’s in-house developed Vibram® Elevation sole features a fully-rubber construction. The Vibram® Mont compound of the sole is specifically chosen for durability, strength, protection and for its continuous performance in both hot and cold temperatures. The large contact patches found at the heel and toe enhance grip and stability, while the open-lug, asymmetrical pattern helps with balance on the bike yet follows the natural flow of your step for maximum comfort off the bike. The Vibram® Elevation sole is created for the touring rider that might also find themselves in a light off-road situation and is compliant with CE (EN13634) testing standards.

  • anatomically shaped ankle cup

    The ankle area has been padded and reinforced for comfort, and to support proper foot position.

  • anatomically shaped foot bed

    The anatomically shaped foot bed has been incorporated to support the foot for both comfort and safety.

  • gusseted tongue

    On the inside the tongue has been stitched to the sides to keep out wind, water and dirt.

  • reinforced heel
  • reinforced toe
  • This season i purchased a pair of these to upgrade my daily commuter boots, including using them on rainy days. I liked the way they look, offer good protection and they are comfortable to wear for riding, but not so much for walking. The main disadvantage for me was that they are not waterproof. I had water coming in after only 30' of riding in the rain in the second month i used them. Revit happily provided a new pair, but the second one also let's water in after second month of use. Nice boots, but they are not waterproof.
    BIKE TYPE: All road

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