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When you think about our boots collection, think versatility. We’re not just talking about versatility when it comes to choices of boot styles and models. We mean versatility in terms of everything.

No matter which boots you choose, you’ll have the freedom of movement; something that motorcycle-specific gear didn’t always have. We paid special attention to making sure you have potent footwear both on and off the motorcycle, and can enjoy them in both settings.

When riding, you’ll notice that you’re not paying attention to what you’re wearing on your feet. That’s exactly what we wanted! You don’t need to worry if you’ll be protected or comfortable. Those come as standard features.

You can also easily navigate when up- and down-shifting, applying the brakes or standing on your pegs when necessary. What’s more, our partnership with Vibram® allows us to create soles that our top-quality and will stand the tests of time. It also allows us to create motorcycle-specific footwear that offers grip and stability.

When you’re off your motorcycle, you’ll find that the comfort level while walking around is exceptionally high, especially with our Adventure offerings. It definitely won’t feel like you’re wearing ski boots; boots that are stiff and awkward to walk in! Plus, the inclusion of the Boa® closure gives you the ability to adjust the boots to the perfect tension.

The flexibility of our boots reaches far beyond your basic must-haves. For our more casual collection, you can find the safety elements included via our anatomically shaped foot bed, anatomically shaped ankle cup, gear shift pad, reinforced heel and toe, and more.

On that note, the boots with laces have gusseted tongues to keep out wind, water and dirt. Boots with zippers have a v-flap behind the zipper for the same purpose. Reflection can also be found to help you stay visible throughout the day or at night.

Find out which motorcycle boots are the perfect pair for you.