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Our online platform makes use of various types of cookies. We think it is important that you have control of your online privacy, so we want to inform you as fully as possible of what cookies we use, and for what purposes.

REV’IT! eStore Europe B.V. and REV’IT! USA B.V. are divisions of REV’IT! Sport International B.V. In the rest of this cookie statement the companies will be referred to under the name REV’IT!

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website places on your computer, tablet or mobile phone at the time that you visit the website. Information on your visit to the website is stored in these cookies. When cookies are placed personal data is processed. With the use of cookies our website can recognize you on a subsequent visit. This could be useful for example when you do not want to repeatedly log in when you make a new visit to our website.

Different types of cookies

We make a distinction between functional and non-functional cookies. Functional cookies are always placed. These are needed for the website to work properly. They ensure, for example, that you can stay logged in on our website if you want to. They also ensure that products in your shopping cart are saved when you want to buy something in our webshop.

Non-functional cookies

As well as functional cookies we also place standard analytical cookies. These are known as non-functional cookies. They are not needed for the website to work properly. Thanks to these non-functional cookies we know which parts of our website are popular and where we can improve the website.

They all have different purposes, but they all enable us to improve our services. For example we use these cookies on our website to display online surveys, test improvements on our website, show social media buttons or display relevant advertisements for our services on other websites.

We only also place a number of other non-functional cookies (besides the standard functional cookies) when you agree to the placement of cookies (when you visit for the first time).


Cookies for social media integration

On our website you can find videos and other content that you can promote and share on social media via a button. For the functioning of these buttons, social media companies such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ place cookies so that they can recognize when you are logged in on that social network. They also use them to collect information on the page that you share. For more information on the data that these social media companies collect, we refer you to their privacy statements. These can regularly change.

Cookies to measure visits

Analytical cookies enable us to measure website visits. These statistics give us insight into how often our website is used, what information visitors search for and which pages are visited most often. In this way we know what parts of the website are popular, as well as the places where we can improve our website.

We continually analyze and improve the website to make the experience as pleasant as possible for our visitors. We cannot trace the statistics that we collect to individuals. This data is therefore always used anonymously. We make use of Google Analytics to gain insights from the data. We always place the analytical cookies during a visit to our website.

The data that the analytical cookies collect includes the following:

  • The number of visitors to our web pages.
  • The duration of the visit.
  • The searches carried out on the website.
  • Data on your browser and the device with which you visit our website.
  • The way in which you arrived at our website, for example if you clicked on one of our advertisements or on a link in an email.
  • A number of anonymous details are then filled in on a form, such as the type of vehicle or what type of cover is chosen most often.
  • Items you have bought or added to the shopping cart on the website.

For more information on what Google does with the collected data we refer you to Google’s privacy statement. NB: this statement can regularly change, so make sure to check this document regularly.

We never provide the personal data you have filled in (such as your name, address and telephone number) to Google. You can read more about how we handle personal data in our Privacy Policy >.

Cookies to test improvements

We continually test our website so we can offer you, as a visitor, the best possible user experience. We want to know if changes we make to the website are in fact improvements, so we often first implement improvements in an A/B test. We make use of Visual Website Optimizer for this, for example. With this visitors can see a modified version of the website at the same time. In this way we continually optimize the website. Cookies are used to ensure that the right version of a page is shown and to be able to measure results.

We also use Visual Website Optimizer to see how visitors use our website. This tool registers mouse clicks, mouse movements and scrolling behavior of visitors to our website. Visual Website Optimizer collects information on the pages visited, the browser you are using and the type of device and operating system in use. We use this data to improve the website.

Cookies to carry out customer research

We can use various tools to carry out research on the website. For example you can always leave feedback on the website. On certain pages we also ask if we have helped you well. We also use an online survey in which we ask for your opinion of our website. We use this information to continually improve our website. The cookie ensures that you are not shown the survey more often than necessary. It also forwards information on your operating system and the browser with which you visit the website.

We make use of Pingdom to monitor the performance of our website. This cookie is placed to enable us to measure the speed of our website on your browser. With this information we can discover and resolve any problems with the performance of our website.

Cookies to display REV'IT! advertisements on other websites

We can use online advertisements to call attention to our products. We prefer to this in as targeted as way as possible, to keep costs down and not show you unnecessary advertisements. We make use of Google Adwords, Google Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook Custom Audiences (we do not share our customer list with Facebook) Microsoft Bing Ads and DoubleClick (from Google) for this. In this way we can advertise in a targeted way and keep costs down.

These cookies make it possible to:

  • Keep track of the advertisements you have seen. In this way we avoid you being shown the same advertisements too often.
  • Record how many visitors click on our advertisements.
  • Record how many visitors buy a product from us after they have clicked on an advertisement. This is necessary to be able to analyze the effectiveness of advertisements.
  • Record whether you have already bought particular services from us. You will then not be shown any unnecessary advertisements.

Even if you do not accept cookies you can still come across advertisements from us online, because not all of our advertisements use cookies. Cookies make it possible to show you more relevant advertisements, however.

For more information on what Google does with stored data, we refer you to Google’s privacy statement. This can regularly change. We have not given Google permission to use the acquired information for other Google services.

For more information on what Microsoft does with stored data, we refer you to Microsoft’s privacy statement. This can regularly change. We have not given Microsoft permission to use the acquired information for other Microsoft services.

For more information on what Facebook does with stored data, we refer you to Facebook’s privacy statement. This can regularly change. We have not given Facebook permission to use the acquired information for other Facebook services.

Cookies for Newsletters

On our website, you are able to subscribe to our newsletter. In this newsletter, we will display content that we consider to be relevant to you. Relevance is determined by using a cookie. We monitor the pages or products you have viewed and send you a newsletter based on that data.

By not accepting cookies, you will still be able to receive the newsletters, though the content shown might be less relevant.

Blocking and removing cookies

If you do not want to have cookies placed on our website, you can select this in the cookie message that is displayed on your first visit to our website. If you have earlier accepted our cookies then this message is no longer displayed and you must first remove our cookies.

You can also choose to block the placement of cookies via your browser. If you block all cookies it is possible that our websites may work less well. It is better to only selectively switch off the unwanted cookies. You can do this in the settings of your browser. In this way you also immediately block the cookies of other websites that you visit. 


The privacy policy of

With the use of some cookies personal data is also processed, as you could read above. In our Privacy Policy you can find more information on how REV’IT! handles your data.



We will modify this cookie policy (and if necessary our privacy statement) when our websites or the rules concerning cookies and privacy change. You can consult the current version of this cookie policy by clicking on the link to the cookie policy of at the bottom of every page.


For specific questions, requests or comments in connection with your privacy you can send an email to


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