Warranty Regulations

Warranty conditions - REV'IT! Sport International B.V.

REV'IT! offers a 2 year warranty on the entire collection. This 2 year warranty is effective April 1st 2017. REV'IT! products purchased before this date and after April 1st 2015, are supported under this 2 year warranty.

Validity and application of the warranty
The 2 year warranty is applicable to all motorcycle jackets, motorcycle pants, motorcycle jeans, motorcycle gloves, rain clothing, functional underwear, motorcycle boots, motorcycle shoes and accessories produced by REV'IT! and purchased from an authori zed REV'IT! dealer (offline and online) or through the REV'IT! eStore. For a complete list of REV'IT! dealers, check the dealer locator on www.revitsport.com. REV'IT! products with the GORE-TEX membrane (in terms of waterproofing and breathability) are subject to the GORE-TEX "Guaranteed to keep you dry" warranty.

To whom do I present my warranty claim?
Every warranty claim must be presented to the party you purchased it from. Products purchased from an authorized REV'IT! dealer need to be presented to the dealer, and purchases from the REV'IT! eStore must be presented to our Customer Service. Note: an original proof of purchase is required in order to process your warranty claim

What is covered by the REV'IT! warranty?
The warranty covers any type of manufacturing or material fault within the 2 year warranty period. During this period of 2 years we assume that our products will not produce any defects in the materials used and/or have any construction and manufacturing flaws.

What is excluded by the warranty that REV'IT! offers?
- Normal wear and tear*, damages 
- Incorrect handling of the garment 
- Negligence or carelessness in caring for the product 
- Incorrect maintenance of the product (e.g. not following washing instructions) 
- Damage from a crash, scrape, puncture, fall or accident 
- Damages caused by any alteration, including any repairs carried out by unauthorized persons 
- Damages caused by factors/events outside REV'IT!'s control (e.g. natural disasters) 
- Any form of modification of the product 
- Users’ subjective assessments, such as comfort and fit 
- Damages caused by prolonged exposure to light (e.g. fading of color) and/or heat sources

Will my product be repaired or replaced?
When a REV'IT! product produces a material or construction flaw within the first 2 years REV'IT! will first try to repair the product. If REV'IT! cannot repair the product, or the repair costs are higher than the cost of a new product, the product will be replaced with the same or equivalent model.

*what is normal wear and tear? This is normal and unavoidable aging caused by regular use. No matter how careful you are with your product, your REV'IT! product will wear and get older with use. Examples of normal wear and tear (which are excluded from the 2 year warranty) are wear marks from rubbing on points of a motorcycle, general deterioration of the materials and fabrics after repetitive motion over time and fading of the color.