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Suit up, ride, andrediscover
Tornado 4 H2O outfitSeasons roll on as adventure beckons with the fourth-generation Tornado 4 H2O. Still embracing the breeze, smiling through the rain. Finding new paths, ready for seasons to come. Whenever that precious moment announces itself. Suit up, ride, and rediscover.
Adventure made accessible
Value-added design

Trust in the Tornado 4 H2O to strike the balance between clean lines and clever design with segment-exceeding features to partner you for days. Built to be your secret weapon across seasons, it’s made to break boundaries without breaking the bank, with accessible, high-quality design and performance. Ride in the sunshine or through rain. Once adventure starts, it doesn’t stop, and neither should you.

FORM MEETS FUNCTIONLet go and get going

The Tornado 4 H2O is all about making adventure accessible and making it count, in style and with confidence. It also does so without straying even the slightest from its distinct REV'IT! philosophy and the kind of value-added design the Tornado series has built its very reputation on.

From its sturdy polyester ripstop construction to the well-thought-out choices in quality hardware. It all adds up to a balanced form-meets-function feel to wearing the Tornado 4 H2O outfit from the moment you put it on. Ready to let go and get going.

PROTECTIONComfort, safety, affordability

The ever-ready-to-go notion is supported by the snug fit and the assuring comfort of nearly unnoticeable CE-level 1 SEESMART hip armor and lightweight and breathable CE-level 2 SEEFLEX protection at shoulders and knees, and the elbows as well. All equating to an CE class AA classification. To offer a ride that’s both comfortable, safe, and affordable.

Adventure beckons with the fourth-generation Tornado 4 H2O outfit.
Three-in-one functionality
Weather-ready versatility

Thanks to its three-layered approach, the Tornado 4 H2O outfit boasts capabilities that pave the way for more than simply entry-level Adventure Touring.

OVER AND UNDER RAIN LINERSeamless waterproofing

Then there’s the 3L hydratex waterproof liner – a slip-on-in feature for the Tornado 4 H2O jacket. This multipurpose waterproof liner offers exceptional protection with a clever twist. You can either integrate it between the thermal and ventilated layers for seamless waterproofing, or swiftly put it over the outer shell during sudden downpours. Whether worn underneath or on top, it ensures you remain dry and comfortable, adapting effortlessly to any weather challenge.

STAY WARM, RIDE ONWhen conditions change

Thanks to built-in cuff-to-collar versatility, you’re always just moments away from adapting the Tornado 4 H2O outfit when ride conditions change. Because when the shorter, colder days are at hand, there’s a full-sleeve thermal liner that you can slip into place in moments.

In sunshine or through rain, the adventure doesn’t stop, and neither should you.
ON-DEMAND VENTILATIONFresh air? Not a care!

With open-weave mesh panels that allow for maximum airflow and the polyester ripstop outer construction, the Tornado 4 H2O jacket and pants are instantly recognizable as hot weather adventure-ready gear.

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In achieving the goal of offering gear that ticks all the boxes for all, feel and fit are paramount. That’s why both the Tornado 4 H2O jacket and pants and the Tornado 4 H2O Ladies outfit are equipped with ample fit-adjustment options.

Ranging from the straps and buckles at the hips and back of the calves, and hook-and-loop adjustments at the hem of the pants, to the jackets’ bicep snaps, forearm straps, hook-and-loop adjustments at the wrist, and straps and buckles around the waist.

What are you waiting for?

With the Tornado 4 H2O and the Tornado 4 H2O Ladies outfits, you’re getting style as well as substance wrapped up in a very complete and accessible package. A package that allows you to further tailor and upgrade to suit change in musts, wants, and needs over time.

To make the most of the time ride when it’s your time to go. And your time is now.

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