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Urban Sport Gloves Buying Guide
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Protective gloves for urban riders

For those who take on the city streets on two wheels, riding protected is key. Especially when it comes to your hands. Opting for gloves with incorporated armor further enhances safety and peace of mind while exploring the urban jungle. Whether you’re in the market for short cuffs (for men and women), ventilated, long cuffs, or waterproof gloves, we can help you find the perfect pair. Let’s walk you through some options.

01 Short cuffs

Short-cuffed motorcycle gloves are designed for riders who prioritize comfort, flexibility, and wearability without compromising on protection. With the cuff cutting off at the wrist, they feature a stylish and sleek design, lightweight construction, and the convenience of quick on-off accessibility, making them a great option for riders seeking a balance between protection, mobility, and style.

Energy GlovesLeather & textile blend, sport-oriented, short-cuffed gloves for urban riders

With a mixture of textures, fabrics (leather and textile), and bold colors (if you so please) at play, the Energy gloves have it all. Their integrated hard-shell knuckle with its unconventional geometric shape is immediately recognizable, but its purpose isn’t just for looks. Every stitch, material, and component work together to help keep hands safe when taking on the city streets.

Some alternative recommendations

Are the Energy gloves not your vibe? No problem. Take a look at the sport-oriented, hard knuckle Metric, bold-patterned textile Spectrum, or the versatile soft knuckle, textile Mosca gloves. Each have their own distinct design language that can complement your street style and enhance your riding style (and, of course, safety!).

02 Short cuffs for women

We created our women’s collection with the same attributes in mind - comfort, flexibility, wearability – as we did for our men’s collection, but with a female-specific pattern and fit. Engineering gloves that perfectly envelope hands were one of our most important goals, because safety isn’t a game of chance. It’s paramount. And out on the city streets, shielding your hands shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Spectrum Ladies GlovesShort-cuffed, lightweight, female-specific, urban riding gloves

Get seen on the streets even if it’s your hand protection doing the heavy lifting. The outspoken Spectrum Ladies gloves comes with an unprecedented level of comfort thanks to a unique mixture of materials. As the palm is made entirely out of abrasion, tear and cut-resistant leather, the upper hand of the glove is constructed of neoprene and softshell, which provides not just a snug feel but also great freedom of movement. 

Perhaps another suggestion?

Kitting yourself out in full motorcycle apparel can run you up a hefty bill. But investing in your safety doesn’t mean you necessarily need full spec everything. For that, we created options that give you the protective elements you’re after without emptying your bank account. Yes, you can put a price on safety but that doesn’t mean it needs to cost a fortune!

Mosca Ladies GlovesShort-cuffed, ventilated, female-specific, urban riding gloves

Entry level but not basic. The Mosca Ladies gloves are for riders who want CE certified hand protection without breaking the bank. Ample ventilation, a classy yet straightforward design, and the ability to mix and match with your riding gear, get your hands on these gloves.

03 Fully Ventilated

A popular choice for riders who find themselves in warm weather or hot climates, our fully ventilated gloves tick all the right boxes for those who seek strategically placed perforation and mesh panels that maximize airflow and breathability. The enhanced airflow helps to keep hands cool and helps to prevent excessive perspiration allowing them to maintain a firm and secure grip on the controls, while keeping hands safe.

Speedart Air GlovesLightweight, ventilated, mesh, short-cuffed gloves for street sport riders

Get your sport on with the Speedart Air gloves. The strong and fully ventilated PWR|Mesh composition mixed with a hard-shell knuckle and ample stretch allows hands to breathe easy when temperatures rise. Keep your hands cool, safe, and looking good with their streamlined and speed-inspired design. With a selection of shades and primary color offerings, they can easily be matched with your riding wardrobe.

Same ventilation but less sport?

Looking for hand protection that has less of a motorsport influence but can still match your sporty style? We have those too! With a toned-down design, we created a gloves model to still give you all the safety you’re after but in a more reserved package.

Kinetic GlovesShort-cuffed, fully ventilated, mesh urban sport gloves

By incorporating a lightweight, high-quality knitting technology, we have managed to not only create a pair of gloves with a highly unique look but also ones that take ventilation to the next level. Mix that in with a neoprene cuff, ample stretch, a soft-shell knuckle, and CE certification, hot weather rides won’t ever be the same.

04 Long cuffs

For riders who prioritize maximum hand, wrist, and lower arm protection, we created our long-cuffed gloves. The additional armor and support that extends beyond the wrist is essential to some riders, not only for extra safety, but also to complement their street style. Get the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive coverage with this cuff length.

RSR 4 GlovesVentilated, long-cuff, race fit gloves for summer street riders

The highly abrasion-resistant leather outer shell of the RSR 4 gloves have armoring features such as a carbon hard knuckle protector, a hard-shell palm slider, and a TPU wrist protector on the double closure long cuff. These motorcycle gloves offer the highest level of comfort on warmer summer days thanks to ventilation panels at the fingers.

05 Waterproof gloves

No two days atop a motorcycle are the same, but if you frequently find yourself riding in the rain, you know the importance of keeping your hands dry. By incorporating specialized waterproofing membranes, precipitation and road splashes can’t dampen your day. They also help to ensure optimal comfort and grip even in challenging weather.

Slate H2O GlovesClean-looking, waterproof, technical Urban gloves for the sport-oriented rider

Even in the summer the weather can take a turn for the worse so be prepared for it. The clean-cut and short-cuffed Slate H2O motorcycle gloves keep hands dry thanks to the inclusion of the semi-bonded hydratex|Z-liner insert, along with the 3M™ Thinsulate™ at the back of the hand is there for extra comfort. Furthermore, an incorporated suede visor wiper does the trick when ridding the rain off your visor.

Alternative waterproof gloves

The short-cuffed Speedart H2O, Mosca H2O, and Mosca H2O Ladies are all CE certified and come with integrated waterproofing, helping to keep hands in top condition and feeling good even during the downpours.

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