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From the Lab to the Street
The Quantum 2 Collection
Expression For the Bold

Nothing made a statement like the mix of loud colors and unique graphics in our original Quantum Design Series. Not only to stand out against the backdrop of the concrete jungle and alert drivers aimlessly hypnotized by the grey noise of the city, but as an expression of personal style.

To let it be known to bumper-to-bumper commuters that you’re a force to be reckoned with, a pilot of steel and rubber ready to cut a line through the night. To this end, we present the new REV’IT! Quantum 2 Design Series.

Rise Above & Leave Your Mark

Being a sport rider in a big city isn't ever easy. Look around you. You're surrounded by tall concrete monoliths, cold, hard pavement, and unforgiving traffic. As hard as it may seem, the city is still your playground.

A playground with a dark, blank canvas to leave nothing behind but a bright flash of color and the roar of a motorcycle ridden with purpose as you navigate towards the urban horizon. There is an art to traversing the city, the bike is your brush, and your colors are your paint.

Sensory Overload

Thumb the starter. Take in the moment. Breathe in the calm before the storm. Focus is needed to tame the fire and gasoline at your fingertips. Rev the throttle and listen to your bike hungrily rasping for more. Tap it into gear.

Feel its vibrations, its eagerness to rip through the night air with the wind wailing inside your helmet. Like you, your engine breathes deep, the howl of its intake underneath you, and the scream of its exhaust left in your wake.

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Faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.

The Thrill & The Risk

What is the thrill of speed, if not stacking the risks and measuring it up against your skill? The rush of taking chances held against your will and your drive for speed.

One could ignore the danger, but the truth is, the thrill doesn’t exist without the fear. The threat of chance is accepted by every street rider, but how much risk is a deeply personal choice every biker must face

Maintaining control and thriving on an urban sport motorcycle is about risk management. Wear REV’IT! Engineered Skin, our tech will help protect you - a measure of security within the risk.

Peace of mind, so you can concentrate on the risk at hand. So you can indulge in the speed, the thrill, that essence of pure adrenaline.

Urban Sport Collection

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