Gloves Kodiak GTX

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Full leather, hard core winter glove

Heavily insulated, 100% waterproof gloves

Protective features like a high-end sports glove

100% waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane


By introducing the Kodiak GTX winter gloves, we are not only adding a beautifully crafted, full-leather, hard-core winter glove to the already extensive range, we are also stepping it up in terms of safety and comfort.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. We did say full leather. Typically, winter gloves are of the textile variation. But we wanted to make sure you had another choice. A gorgeous one at that.

The Kodiak GTX is jam-packed with protective features you normally only find in high-end sports gloves. The Kodiak GTX is your heavily insulated, 100% waterproof, do-it-all-and-go-anywhere winter glove that will enable you to ride your motorcycle even on the coldest of days and in the harshest of weather conditions. Incorporating our unique single-motion closure system enables you to put on your second glove in one single move, a feature you have always wanted and can now make use of.

Product features
  • goatskin drum dyed with WR finish

    Tanned leather made from goatskin is considered extremely durable, and is often used for gloves and other products that require a soft hide. Goatskin with a WR finish has undergone a process that makes it water-repellent and soil-resistant. The WR coating is bonded to the material at the molecular level, enhancing the material’s natural water-repellence and soil-resistance, without altering how the fabric looks, feels, or breathes.

  • flock PU

    Flocking is the process of adhering small fibre particles (called flock) onto a surface. This process creates a texture that picks up water.

  • 3M™ Thinsulate® G

    Thinsulate® G insulation features large air pockets to trap heat, allowing a garment to remain extremely warm for an extended period of time. The spacious air pockets also allow a garment to remain lightweight and quick to dry.

  • SEESOFT™ at palm
  • goatskin covered hard-shell knuckle

    The protective hard-shell knuckle features a goatskin covering to create a smooth look.

  • TPU hard-shell palm slider

    Palm slider made of a durable and high abrasion resistant TPU material at the palm side of the glove. The palm slider makes sure that the glove slides in case the palm of the hand comes in contact with the asphalt. The abrasion resistance of gloves equipped with these sliders is greatly increased, thus reducing the risk of injury significantly.

  • GORE-TEX membrane

    The GORE-TEX membrane is the essential element of all GORE-TEX Gloves. It contains over 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square centimeter. These pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. This makes the GORE-TEX membrane completely waterproof from the outside, while allowing perspiration to escape from the inside. An oleophobic, or oil-hating, substance is integrated into the membrane, preventing the penetration of such compounds as body oils and insect repellent, which could otherwise affect the membrane.

  • single motion closure system at cuff

    The innovative closure system allows for adjusting and closing the wrist straps in a single movement.

  • connect finger tip

    Never take off your gloves again to answer your phone or navigation system. The connect fingertip has been specifically designed to operate touch screens.

  • visor wiper

    The material used on the index finger of the glove has a visor wipe function. It helps clear water or moisture off the visor for better visibility when riding in wet weather.

  • tour fit
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