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Flexibility. Comfort. Grip. Warmth. Protection. Ventilation. These are all features you can find throughout our gloves collection. We have gloves for all genres of riding, from urban to sport to adventure. If you need a full-spec race glove, or something basic to go with your gear, you’re in the right place.

To make some of the most comprehensive gloves available, we use our intel from our MotoGP heroes, especially in terms of sport gloves. We then translate the information given into products that resonate well with the masses. Whether it’s in terms of the materials we use, the placement of protection or how to get the optimal fit and grip yet still remain very protective.

We also take the input from our long-distance, adventure-touring riders on how we can better construct gloves that need to endure all kinds of weather and motorcycling conditions.

We incorporate various hides and textiles in the construction of our gloves, depending on what your needs are. For example, we use perforation to help ventilate your hands if you’re riding in warmer climates. But to keep your hands dry, you can find some our gloves made with either GORE-TEX® or with our in-house developed hydratex®.

By using incorporated TPU (Thermoplastic urethane) hard shell parts on certain models, they promote a controlled slide. That means that if you are unfortunately in an accident, your gloves will slide instead of your hand.

Look for the Connect fingertip feature and you know you’re getting gloves that allow you to operate your smart phone without having to take them off. It’s handy especially if the weather is not on your side!

Carbon hard-shell knuckles, Kevlar elements, reflective elements and more. Our gloves tick all the right boxes when it comes to hand protection. Try on a pair and be amazed.