Jacket Akira Vintage

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Combines MotoGP styling with Tailored Technology

Strategically positioned PWR|shell 500D stretch

CE-level 2 SEEFLEX™ protectors are standard 

Ready for CE-level 2 SEESOFT™ back protector


The Akira Vintage combines MotoGP styling with a vintage attitude through the use of Pull-up cowhide leather, resulting in a unique look. High spec protection is styled in a distinguished way, making the jacket suitable for an array of motorcycles. The strategically positioned PWR|shell 500D offers freedom of movement while enhancing the tailored fit of the jacket. The Akira Vintage is equipped with a detachable thermal body warmer that once removed allows air to reach your body through the semi-perforated outer shell. The short and long connection zippers allow you to connect the jacket to virtually any pair of REV'IT! trousers, or even jeans when using our clever Safeway Belt.
Sizes 46-58


Product features
  • safety seams

    The stitching in motorcycle garments contributes greatly to the abrasion resistance of the total gear. This is why REV'IT! uses safety seams on garment areas at increased risk of impact. Safety seams have a visible as well as an invisible seam. This construction keeps the material of the outer shell together, even when the visible seam is thorn.

  • SEEFLEX™ Level 2 CE protection

    Certified CE-Level 2 according to the new norm EN1621-1:2012 the SEEFLEX™ protector is the latest innovation from the in-house R&D department. The new norm also tests the impact levels in various temperature ranges. The SEEFLEX™ protectors easily surpass the new norm without sacrificing wearer comfort.

  • dual-comp protector

    TPU aluminium protector at shoulders, elbows, and knuckles. The dual-comp protector consists of a 3D, pre-shaped honeycomb structure of TPU material, topped by an aluminium high-impact shield, for ultimate sliding. This lightweight hard part increases the level of protection significantly, without adding the considerable weight of traditional plastic hard parts. When fighting G-forces, every gram counts! Under the shoulder and elbow parts is ergonomically shaped, CE-approved armour, perfectly placed to maximize impact-resistance while preserving freedom of movement.

  • prepared for SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert - Type RV

    The back protector pocket in this REV'IT! garment is tailor-made to accommodate the SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert Type RV - an easy upgrade to maximize safety.

  • safety stitching

    Stitching seams can be the weakest link in motorcycle garments, as they can rip upon impact. This ripping of seams can be prevented, however, through safety-stitching technology. REV’IT! uses safety stitching on garment areas at increased risk of impact.

  • detachable thermal body warmer
  • Lorica®

    Lorica® is constructed from microfibres that give the material characteristics similar to those of natural leather, including a leather look. This low-maintenance material is not as strong as leather, but softer and lighter, with a consistent thickness that makes it easier to process.

  • neoprene

    Neoprene is a synthetic rubber useful for protective gear. It is abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, waterproof, somewhat stretchable, and buoyant.

  • pull up Natural cowhide

    This is high quality leather with a natural, classic look that ages beautifully the more it’s worn. This type of leather is very soft, delicate and natural. Pull-up is not a type of leather itself; it is an effect that leather gains with a specific tanning process. The pull-up effect is visible when the leather is folded or pulled a new shade of color will appear. The leather is very smooth and has no texture, due to the pull-up effect the garment will break in easily and will soon have the unique worn-in effect. It is very durable and has high abrasion-resistant and breathability properties.

  • PWR|shell 500D stretch

    Consisting of 100% high-performance polyamide yarns, PWR|shell 500D stretch takes the best properties of a nylon with a high melting point, tremendous tear and abrasion-resistance, and excellent durability and then puts the unique REV’IT! design stamp on it. This PWR|shell fabric comes in a stretch variant. The 500D indicates the density of the fabric. The higher the number the better the abrasion and tear resistance properties are.

  • short and long connection zipper

    Thanks to the short and long connection zipper, this jacket is/these trousers are compatible for pairing with any pair of trousers/any jacket in the REV'IT! line.   

  • comfort cuffs
  • stretch lips
  • adjustment straps
  • race fit

    This garment has been designed with a race fitting shape, meaning it has been engineered for speed and a figure-hugging silhouette.

  • tight
  • document pocket
  • inner pockets
  • slit pockets
  • partly perforated outer shell
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