FJT221 Flare Jacket

Flare FJT221

Jacket Flare

The REV'IT! Flare jacket covers all your basic functional needs while sporting a playful look. Thanks to the detachable hood and its tone-on-tone camouflage appearance, it’s an ideal road companion. And thanks to its waterproof and breathable hydratex® membrane, it will keep you dry when the rain inevitably shows up. VCS zippers for ventilation are incorporated under the arms and at the back, which combined with the detachable thermal liner, makes the Flare a suitable jacket for a range of temperatures. Various adjustment straps allow you to optimize the fit depending on the season, and the short connection zipper lets you to attach the jacket to virtually all REV'IT! trousers. Not to mention our jeans when matched with the Safeway belt. The REV'IT! Flare comes equipped with CE-rated armor, though you can easily slide in our SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector for additional protection. Sizes S-XZL

  • drain eyelets at hood
  • The zip-on hood can be easily removed from the coat. With the adjustment straps you can change the size of the hood to your personal preferences.

  • The double front zipper is used with a specific water catcher. It makes sure the water catcher stays in place, preventing water from coming through.

  • The loop at the back of this jacket enables you to attach it to your jeans, which prevents the jacket from creeping up: no more exposed back when riding your bike.

  • short connection zipper
  • adjustment tab
  • adjustment strap
  • race fit
  • regular
  • inner pockets
  • slit pockets
  • air outlet
  • Our VCS zippers are all located in strategic positions, where they offer excellent air flow to cool the body. The air flow can be regulated by opening or closing the zipper.

  • detachable thermal liner
Outer shell
  • This fabric made of polyester yarn makes a perfect, form-fitting medium for areas at lower risk of impact, keeping riders comfortable.

  • Polyester fabric is a mainstay of REV’IT! garments, providing the stylish silhouette that our apparel is known for. This polyester fabric features a specific rib weave, for optimal performance.

  • These CE-approved impact protectors are made from lightweight, flexible PU, engineered in a 3-dimensional form, making them very soft and flexible. The finish is smooth and the edges are thin, making Knox® Flexiform CE protectors an excellent choice for leather garment and textile garments. They also give the rider flexibility and total freedom of movement, with 2 hinge points to aid movement and 12 holes for breathability. The inside incorporates air channels to help with heat dispersal, keeping the rider comfortable and cool, while offering excellent protection.

  • The back protector pocket in this REV'IT! garment is tailor-made to accommodate the SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert Type RV - an easy upgrade to maximize safety.

Waterproofing & Breathability
  • This waterproof coating is applied to the inside of the garment’s inner lining, and the seams are taped to ensure that the garment is waterproof. The REV’IT! Hydratex® | G-liner coating is used in the construction of products that demand a basic level of all-weather protection.

  • 4 / 5
    Almost perfect
    BIKE TYPE: Naked
    A superb jacket at the price quality unbeatable.
    We feel the quality of the materials, the zippers are solid and pleasant, the coat is very well cut. One can easily adjust the jacket to the waist, arms and wrists, and once closed the neck is well protected. The jacket is waterproof and perfectly windproof. The removable liner is quality and the overall looks warm. I would test that this winter. I only regretted one thing, the lack of pockets. There is only one pocket inside which is accessible, it is too little, especially that this pocket is accessible only by opening the jacket completely! No pocket in quick access, for a jacket all seasons is a real lack. I will have to add two pockets on the lining because it is easily feasible, however once the lining removed I should be content with only one. Domage because for all the rest is a no fault, the jacket is beautiful and quality and I absolutely do not regret my purchase. Gentlemen designers, add pockets inside of which one in quick access and this jacket will be the best.

    Yes, I recommend this product