Jacket Poseidon 2 GTX

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Minimal water pick-up due to laminated GTX membrane

Lighter, more versatile and easier to adjust

Removable GORE-TEX storm collar

Ready for SEESOFT™ CE-level 1 chest protector


We’ve amassed tons of feedback from long-distance commuters and travellers from across the globe about our Poseidon GTX jacket and trousers. We took that information to heart and made a great product even better. This information has led to new ideas, constructions and solutions that are now seamlessly incorporated into the second-generation Poseidon 2 GTX.

The Poseidon 2 GTX Jacket is lighter, more flexible, more versatile, easier to adjust and offers even more on-demand airflow, provided by our patented VCS|aquadefence (Ventilation Control System). On top of that, we’ve also added a removable GORE-TEX® storm collar to the jacket, for the times when it gets really rough and tough out there.

The outer shell is constructed by mixing 2-layer and 3-layer GORE-TEX® fabrics, which reduce water pick-up to a minimum. The fabric then provides not only the highest level of waterproofing and breathability, but also an outer shell that delivers the highest standard in cut, tear and abrasion resistance. Add in our award-winning SEEFLEX™ CE-level 2 armor, which comes standard at the elbows and shoulders and everyone is a winner. In terms of protection, we give you the option to add removable CE-rated chest protection, along with the option to insert our back protector. This way, you’re covered 360 degrees.

Product features
  • SEEFLEX™ Level 2 CE protection

    Certified CE-Level 2 according to the new norm EN1621-1:2012 the SEEFLEX™ protector is the latest innovation from the in-house R&D department. The new norm also tests the impact levels in various temperature ranges. The SEEFLEX™ protectors easily surpass the new norm without sacrificing wearer comfort.

  • prepared for Divided Chest Protector SEESOFT™ CE-level 1

    The protector pocket in this REV'IT! garment is tailor-made to accommodate the Divided Chest Protector SEESOFT™ CE-level 1 - an easy upgrade to maximize safety.

  • prepared for SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert - Type RV

    The back protector pocket in this REV'IT! garment is tailor-made to accommodate the SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert Type RV - an easy upgrade to maximize safety.

  • 2L nylon 400D GORE-TEX® fabric   

    This fabric is made of rugged 400 denier high-tenacity nylon that delivers superior abrasion and tear resistance. Laminating the GORE-TEX® membrane to the nylon fabric creates a 100 percent waterproof, windproof and highly breathable outer shell that offers excellent wearer comfort.

  • 3L GORE-TEX® nylon 400D fabric   

    GORE-TEX® shells are made for riding in extreme conditions. The fabric is made of rugged 400 denier high-tenacity nylon that delivers superior abrasion and tear resistance. A high-performance GORE-TEX® membrane is bonded to a tough outer material and inner lining. The benefits of a 3-layer are less water pick up of the outer layer which results in breathable comfort for all weather conditions.

  • SuperFabric®

    SuperFabric® technology is an advanced process that transforms ordinary fabrics into unique, highly protective materials. Multiple protective shields are applied close to each other within the fabric, but remain separate to allow maximum flexibility. These micro guard-plates provide an additional layer of protection, without adding weight, and help prevent abrasion to underlying fabrics. SuperFabric® is five times more abrasion-resistant than leather, with just half the weight.

  • 3L GORE-TEX fabric
  • detachable thermal liner
  • short and long connection zipper

    Thanks to the short and long connection zipper, this jacket is/these trousers are compatible for pairing with any pair of trousers/any jacket in the REV'IT! line.   

  • Detachable Storm Collar

    The detachable storm collar gives your neck additional protection than the standard collar thanks to its height. It keeps wind and water out and your neck protected. The 3-layer construction is robust, highly breathable and can easily be taken off and put back on via a connection zipper. The hook and loop closure around the neck allows for ideal fit adjustability.

  • collar hook

    The collar hook and loop allow you to draw back the front side of the collar, allowing air flow to cool the neck during warmer periods of the year without the annoying flapping of the loose collar.

  • prepared for Challenger cooling vest insert

    The jacket is prepared for the Challenger cooling vest insert. The Challenger can be zipped directly into the outer shell with the connection zippers.

  • prepared for vest connector NEON

    The Vest connector NEON allows you to the upgrade your jacket with a vest that quickly and easily attaches. The highly visible vest offers enhanced safety.

  • VCS|panel with FidLock® magnetic fastener

    Removable panels for optimum ventilation. Ventilation is nice on warmer days, but not as desirable in cold weather. The panels can be kept open due to the FidLock magnetic Fastener. The Fidlock® magnetic fastener not only uses the attraction but also the repulsion of magnets. This leads to a robust closure with high locking strength that can still be easily opened with one hand while riding.

  • V-flap

    The leather V-flap is installed behind the zipper at the cuff to block the wind.

  • adjustment straps
  • adjustment tabs
  • flexisnap

    The REV’IT! flexisnap makes it possible to adjust the collar circumference easily and personalize its fit to each rider. A jacket is often worn in more then one season, and the flexisnap makes it possible to adjust the collar within seconds. During winter a wider collar circumference accommodates combining the jacket with a balaclava or wind collar, while during summer, a wider circumference lets an all-important cooling wind into the collar.

  • regular
  • tour fit
  • back pocket
  • inner pockets
  • napoleon pocket
  • waterproof stash pocket
  • VCS|aquadefence

    When opened the aquadefence system allows direct ventilation to the body. When the zipper or panel is closed, it presses onto the incorporated rain gutter, the jacket is then 100% wind- and waterproof.  When the panel or zipper is closed the rain gutter will stop the water from entering via the ventilation holes, thereby keeping you dry and comfortable. (EU patent EP 2574249, US patent US 13/630.520)

  • VCS|zippers

    Our VCS zippers are all located in strategic positions, where they offer excellent air flow to cool the body. The air flow can be regulated by opening or closing the zipper.

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    I bought your Poseidon GTX2 suit, which has now been through about 3500 km of riding, including some very heavy and extended rain. I stay dry, I actually stay dry even after huge rainstorms.
    The suit is a miracle - I find it hard to believe that it can deal with the sort of weather in which I have ridden, but it does. Bien joué !

    Some comments:

    1. Wonderful fit, easily adjustable, and remains comfortable around shoulders, arms 2. Sleeve length is just right, simple fastening 3. A fairly warm suit, although the air vents work pretty well - I have all the armour fitted, and also bought the cooling vest.
    4. It looks good, much better than my previous BMW and Rukka suits. I have the black version, and I love the understated look. No loud colours, huge brand names, etc. Well done!
    5. The designer of the storm collar was a genius.

    There are some minor quibbles, and ones I have already had fixed by my tailor:

    1. The Velcro strip on the sleeves is too long - I had about 5 cm removed, looks much neater now.
    2. The Velcro strip on the storm collar is too long - I had about 4 cm removed. The ‘male’ part is too small - I had a small strip added to the existing one.
    3. The trouser bottoms are too large, and there is not enough Velcro. I had the bottom slightly nipped in (with two tiny pleats, reducing circumference by about 4-5 cm), and I had four extra Velcro strips added. I can now very neatly and safely fasten the trousers around my boots.
    4. The Velcro at the front of the trousers, for the braces, does not come right to the edge. So, the materials puckers - I got my tailor to sew strips of Velcro to the inside, extending right to the edge. Problem fixed.

    These small things are easily changed by Rev’It!, and would enhance a fabulous product.

    Thank you to you all, and the suit was a terrific investment. Expensive, but worth every penny.

    BIKE TYPE: Tour

    Yes, I recommend this product

  • J'ai acheter récemment un ensemble poseidon 2 gtx. J'en suis ravi.
    Je roule en trail. J'ai pris l'ensemble en blanc car sûrement moi chaud cet été et surtout plus visible.

    Les multibles réglages permettent de bien ajuster la veste. Je mesure 1m98 pour 105-110kg. La 2xl me va parfaitement notamment la longueur des manches (c'est souvent le problème pour moi).

    Je m'attendais à une veste plus lourde et plus rigide, c'est une bonne nouvelle.

    J'ai pu tester l'étanchéité et c'est top, c'est réellement un confort de ne plus avoir à mettre une combinaison de pluie.

    Par 2 ou 3C° la veste et la doublure ont suffit. J'étais en T-shirt en dessous

    Pour moi il manque juste quelques petites choses. Une poche sur l'avant bras gauche pour mettre la carte bleu, le ticket de péage,....
    Il manque aussi une aération sur les avant-bras. Après à voir si c'est réellement nécessaire cet été.
    BIKE TYPE: Tour

    Yes, I recommend this product

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