Jacket Solar 2 Ladies

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Technical mid layer designed for women

Created with PrimaLoft® Gold insulation


Perfect on or off the bike


When the leaves start falling and the temperature starts dropping, our Solar 2 Ladies mid layer jacket is the ideal solution to keep riders warm and comfortable on and off the bike. The highly breathable insulated jacket is feather-light, easily packable and can be stowed away in a backpack or in the back pocket of your jacket. The PrimaLoft® Gold insulation technology will ensure that the body temperature of the rider stays at a very comfortable level during a ride on a colder day. Because the jacket is water repellent, it will hold a light shower when the rider gets caught out in the rain. The great-looking Solar 2 Ladies jacket will get the rider through the colder months in comfort and style.

Product features
  • wind catcher behind front zipper

    Behind the front a panel has been installed to block the wind.

  • insulating function
  • regular
  • tour fit
  • inner pockets
  • slit pockets
  • PrimaLoft® Gold

    PrimaLoft® Gold is a thin yet exceptionally warm, top-quality insulation. Its ultra-lightweight and packable properties allow for exceptional breathability, but all for moisture to escape; keeping the body warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

  • PWR|ripstop 10D

    The PWR|ripstop structure is made of thin yarn and is purpose-built to pack into a back pocket thanks to its lightweight nature. Furthermore, it has water repellant characteristics to keep you comfortable

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Jacket Solar 2 Ladies
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Jacket Solar 2 Ladies