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REV’IT! jackets cover a broad spectrum of styles and genres. We have everything from our take on the classic leather jacket - with modern features, of course! - to ones that are perfect for urban riding, all the way to 100% waterproof garments for adventure/touring.

No matter the jacket you choose, every one of our motorcycle clothing pieces is infused with top-level protection and have the rider’s safety in mind.

Adventure: Adventure jackets include everything from light touring to hardcore off-roading to places far from any paved road. We have jackets for women and men that are perfectly designed for the summer months – allowing ample airflow to keep you cool – to jackets built with GORE-TEX® or our in-house developed hydratex® waterproofing system to keep you dry in torrential downpour.

Urban- Our urban jackets are created with two purposes in mind: to keep you protected on the motorcycle in case of an unfortunate incident, and to transition perfectly from the motorcycle to the street. No wardrobe change necessary. We’re able to do this because we put a heavy emphasis on design, but also spend countless hours developing and infusing our technical textiles with the latest safety elements that can be found on the market. Using Cordura® denim, along with our ultra-thin SEESMART™ protectors equates to good-looking and highly-protective gear, whether infused in our overshirts, jeans or jackets.

Sport- Our sport jackets are purpose-built. You get top-level protection with unmatched style. When designing our sport jackets, for both women and men, we put the rider first. We study world-class racers to figure out what features are must-haves, then translate that into garments you fall in love with. We tailor the silhouettes to fit perfectly so you don’t have to fuss with extra and unwanted material bunching up when you’re on your handlebars.

Whether you ride an adventure-touring bike, one that was built for speed, a café racer or a scooter, we have the right jackets to meet your safety and style needs.