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Due to the natural origins of your leather gear, these garments need some special attention to keep them in optimum condition.

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To keep your leather REV’IT! gear in top condition, it is key to clean your garment(s) frequently after use. This way dirt and the occasional insect cadavers don’t build up over time, which makes it harder to clean. Always use a clean cloth and some lukewarm water to remove all dirt on the surface of your leather gear. Also air your leather gear out after each use, and don’t store your leather garments in an airtight plastic bag or container.

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Never use cleaning products that contain bleach, solvents or other chemical products. Before using any cleaning product, try it at a discrete part of your garment (like the collar or inside/underneath the zipper) to see how the product reacts to the leather. If you are content with the result, proceed with the cleaning. Always respect the washing labels in your leather REV’IT! garment. Never wash or dry clean leather.

Always consult the wash and care label found inside your REV'IT! gear before caring your leather REV'IT! garment. This set of instructions is leading over any other instructions given. If you are ever in doubt of how to properly maintain your gear, check the inner label.

Leather garments from our Sport collection:

  • Clean with a damp cloth and some lukewarm water. Let the garment dry at room temperature, avoid direct heat sources or sunlight. Once the garment is dry, clean it with our REV’IT! LEATHER CLEANER, let it dry again and finish with REV’IT! LEATHER CONDITIONER.
Leather garments from our Adventure & Urban collection:

  • Due to the diverse nature of the leathers used in our Adventure & Urban collection, these garments need a little bit more attention. First, remove any surface dirt with a soft brush or toothbrush. Then clean gently with a clean and damp (white, cotton) cloth. Please don’t rub hard, don’t use a hard brush or other abrasive materials.  Let the garment dry in a well-ventilated room.
  • Our garments with Full Grain leather can be treated with a colorless leather grease.
  • Before using any care product, try it on a discrete part of your garment (like the collar or inside/underneath the zipper) to see how the product reacts to the leather. If you are content with the result, proceed. 
If your garment has an LTD (liner to drop), please check the label found inside the garment for proper wash and care instructions. Each material is unique and requires its own method of maintenance. Pay close attention to - and follow - the instructions to avoid unnecessary damage and to keep your garment in top form for years to come.

Should you have any questions about your REV’IT! leather care, please contact our Customer Service.
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Because our motorcycle jeans are not your average jeans, the technical materials require somewhat different care instructions.

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