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What is a base layer and why is it important?

Base layers are layers typically worn under insulating or outer layers - like jackets or pants - and their purpose is to regulate the body's temperature while pulling moisture away from the body. They should be worn next to the skin and made of a fabric that will pull unwanted perspiration from the body, allowing the wearer to cool down rather than feel sticky and clammy when they sweat. A popular fabric for base layers is merino wool due to its high breathability quality and soft feel. Other common fabrics are high tech synthetic materials such as polypropylene, and silk for less strenuous activities.”

The beauty of our men’s base layers is that they are applicable for both warm and cold climates. At REV’IT!, we make sure we offer both, so no matter how hot it gets, or how frigid, our base layers will keep you comfortable in various weather situations.

By using moisture-wicking, odor-resistant and anti-bacterial fabrics, you can ride comfortably in the summer months - or in warmer climate areas – and not have to spend too much time worrying about overheating. The materials pull moisture and sweat away from the body and keeps you cool in the process. What makes our base layers so versatile is that you’re not limited to wearing them while riding. Use them in any summer sports where base layers are applicable.

On the other end, our base layers for cold weather keep the heat in so you stay warmer longer. But in the process of trapping heat, any excess moisture can also be released. Another important aspect of cold weather base layers in motorcycle clothing is that they sit close to the body, so expect a tight, body-hugging fit with our garments.