Cooling products

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Do you often find yourself riding in hot climates? If so, let our cooling accessories contribute to the comfort of your time on two wheels.

Overheating can lead to dehydration, headaches, loss of concentration and more. We want to prevent that by giving you a range of cooling accessories to keep your body temperature normal, so you can stay safe and ride longer on a glorious day.

Our cooling accessories are a great way for you to beat the heat and to keep motoring along. We infuse our products with the Hyperkewl™ technology. It works by absorbing and storing water, and then releasing it over time through the naturally cooling evaporative process.

For ultimate cooling coverage, our cooling vest or vest insert are the options for you. The standalone vest works at peak performance when all your ventilation zippers are open and maximum airflow is being fed directly to it. Furthermore, the vest insert can be directly zipped into select REV’IT! jackets. The same principles apply as the standalone vest. Having airflow directly towards the vest charges the vest up to keep you cool.

We even offer cooling products for the wrists - check out our wristbands – or even our cooling collar for your neck.

Before using any of our cooling products, make sure you follow the instructions. This way, you’ll get the most out of your accessories and the most out of your riding adventures.

Don’t let hot temperatures stop you from getting to where you want to go. The cooling accessories are the perfect solution.