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Rain Gear

Rain Gear Rain Gear
  1. Color
    Dark Blue
  2. Color
    Black-Neon Yellow
  3. Color
    Mid Grey
    Smock Barrier
    EUR 129.99
  4. Color
  5. Color
  6. Color
    Neon Yellow
  7. Color
  8. Color
    Neon Yellow
  9. Color
  10. Color
  11. Color
  12. Color
    Black-Neon Yellow

Mother Nature is unpredictable and a perfectly sunny day can change in an instant. Don’t get caught in torrential downpour or wet weather unprepared. Our rainwear makes sure you can cover up quickly and keep moving along.

Our rainwear can come in the form of a one-piece suit or separate jacket and pants. Regardless of which piece(s) you choose, you get 100% waterproofing. With waterproofing, we’ve made sure these items are breathable and bleed-free.

Furthermore, we’ve made them so they’re effortless to put on. You won’t need to fumble around to get them over your regular riding gear thanks to 2-way zippers found on the Sphinx H2O trousers, or the long, diagonal zipper found on the Pacific 2 H2O Rain Suit. When it’s on, they are fully adjustable to fit over any type of gear.

When you’re ready to put your rainwear away, they can easily be stored in their own transportation/stowaway bags that don’t take up a lot of space. We know that there isn’t an infinite amount of space on a motorcycle so we took that into consideration when we made our collection.

Staying visible in adverse weather is also a top priority when designing rainwear. That’s why our collection is offered with both black or neon yellow. We know neon yellow might not be the most fashionable color, but if it means you’ll be seen when the clouds darken the day, it’s a small price to pay. Reflective elements incorporated further help you stay visible to other motorists.


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