Wash-care products

Taking care and maintaining your motorcycle gear shouldn’t be arduous or a nuisance. We make it incredibly easy to have your clothing last well beyond what you think its shelf-life should be thanks to our wash and care products.

By using these essential tools for the upkeep of your motorcycle clothing, your leather will sparkle longer and your textile gear will keep looking its best.

Regular maintenance of your gear ensures that the remnants of dead bugs and unwelcome dirt are cleansed from your jacket or trousers.

The leather cleaner/conditioner duo of products is what your leather jacket or trousers is in need of regularly. First use the cleanser to get out the grime that accumulates when riding around on two wheels. Then apply the conditioner. By doing this, it will help preserve the water- and dirt-resistant qualities of leather, as well as the special leather smell.

Our leather spray has been engineered to preserve your leather gear, but also the hide’s natural tendency to repel water. By using the spray, it will also protect the leather against water and stains while keeping its breathability intact.

Whether you’re cleaning your textile gear by hand or in the machine, don’t forget to use the Textile Wash. It will not only get your jacket and trousers squeaky clean, but it helps maintain the specific characteristics of breathable and waterproof motorcycle clothing.

The Textile Spray’s purpose in life is to protect your waterproof textile gear against water and stains. By using it on a regular basis, your waterproofing will last longer without sacrificing its breathability properties.