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Mid layers are designed to give you that extra bit of comfort and protection you are looking for with it comes to the layering of motorcycle clothing.

As the name suggests, it’s the layer that sits in the middle - between your base layer and your outer shell. They’re typically made of high-tech fabrics designed with specific purposes in mind.

For example, you want to keep the wind from attacking your body. A mid layer would be an extra line of defence against the cold because of its wind-blocking characteristics. That said, it would also be able to allow moisture to escape so your core doesn’t cool down.

A mid layer can also be one that adds that extra layer warmth on a cold day. But like with base layers, you want them made of the right fabrics. Additionally, these garments are there to complement the rest of your gear rather than just add bulk without purpose. For example, a mid layer can come in the form of a windbreaker with a fleece lining. That means you have both the benefits of keeping warm and keeping the wind out.

The best part? Our mid layers are so potent yet so well designed, you’ll want to wear them off the bike as well as on it. They double as a fashionable zip-up that pairs perfectly with jeans or your casual outerwear.

So stay warm and stay protected with our base layers from whatever Mother Nature is doing. Besides, we know you want to keep riding even with conditions aren’t perfect. We give you that option.